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Mar 3, 2010 02:57 AM

Where to find Mexican stapes?

I am looking for really good quality corn tortillas, tomatillos, peppers etc. Any suggestions?

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  1. In the downtown core, your best bet is Kensington Market, where there are a number of stores selling Latin American and Mexican food and staples. Most of the corn tortillas you find will be frozen (or thawing) so a better option is La Tortillera. They make their own tortillas on site, which are great (but the tacos they make with them are "meh"). La Tortillera is a bit of the beaten track in Kensington, down Wales... head for the big smokestack and look for the bright yellow store. The various other stores are along Augusta, where you'll find tomatillos, dried peppers, and other ingredients.

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      NoFrills/Loblaws/Highland Farms carry a surprisingly good range of canned and bottled staples. Highland Farms carries locally made Mexican style cheeses, too. Dried chiles? Most of the Kensington shops believe these have an indefinite shelf life, which they don't.Their flavor and punch fade like any other spice.

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        La Tortillera has a couple other stores. Dufferin and Bloor and Oakwood and St. Clair.