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May 10, 2005 12:34 AM

Eddies New York City Pizza @ Gelsons Pasadena

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Heads up; possible pizza 'find' for "New York style" pizza nuts.

I'm *not* a New York style pizza person. I personally prefer how we do it in LA. That said! A family member (from NY) noticed this stuff in the Bristol Farms freezers while on a shopping excursion for a party a few weeks back, and made me buy it. Now he can't stop raving about it. He claims it's way better than Tony's Pizza in Sam Marino (ya, he made me take him there too). You can find it in the freezer case but it's not like any frozen pizza I've ever seen. It's a really large, pre-cooked pizza that has then been sliced and boxed. You are basically re-heating it. Actually, you have to defrost your slices and then re-heat them. It's clearly not a mass-market type of deal.

Anyhow, give it a try at your own expense... I was able to find a website as well. Don't blame me if it sucks.


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  1. This is pizza shipped frozen from a kosher NY pizzeria. It may be great by kosher pizza standards but, trust me, if you're looking for an authentic NY pizza this isn't it. There's a huge difference in the ingredients that make up the cheese. For all I know you may end up preferring it, but I would never label it as representative of a NY slice.

    1. I looked at the website and then at the raves from their e-bay customers. Pretty expensive, though. How much is it at Gelsons? (or is it Bristol Farms? your post mentions one in the heading and the other in the body)

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        Sorry about that. We got it from Gelsons... Don't remember how much we paid for it.

      2. ive bought it in Aptos south of Santa Cruz at a store. bought it several times and shared it with some friends. its not bad. it sure wasnt 20$ more like 10 to 12$ for 8 slices the shipping is the killer