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Mar 3, 2010 12:13 AM

Fun,Yummy,INEXPENSIVE restaurant for birthday party

Hi, I'm looking for a place to celebrate my birthday with about 15 people in their late 20's. I know there are many threads on here asking this exact same question, but most recommendations although they sound great are over many of the guests budget (we are all college students) - Any recommendations for inexpensive restaurants (main dishes in the 20 $ price range) downtown or in the plateau that serve great food, and where we can have fun would be greatly appreciated. (Have had a great time at Jano restaurant before,looking for places like that) Thank you! !

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  1. How about right acros the street from Janos at La Cabane (de Portugal). Great food (with interesting whiteboard specials), very good prices, and should be no problem for a raucous crowd.