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Mar 3, 2010 12:08 AM

Irish bacon or bangers

Anyone know of any seattle butchers carrying Irish bacon or sausages? I know I can order Tommy Malones online but I'd rather buy local. Any ideas?

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  1. For "Irish" bacon, look for 'Canadian bacon,' which is the name under which back-bacon is uaually marketed hereabouts. Uli's has some bangers, I know.

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      uli, bless his generous soul, actually puts too much meat in his bangers which depend on bread filler for their unique texture. irish (or 'back') bacon is the cured/smoked loin of pork - "canadian" bacon as sold in america (all rounded out and pink) is rather more processed than it should be. for excellent "irish bacon", try the "kessler" from bavarian meats in pike place market - it's rather lean but delicious

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