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Mar 3, 2010 12:07 AM

Michael Mina SF/TFL - dining alone


I will be in SF for one night on a business trip in May and I was hoping to dine at Michael Mina SF or TFL. Would either be a restaurant you could dine at alone?


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  1. Here's a recent thread for a visitor who planned to eat at Michael Mina solo.

    Are you aware that The French Laundry is in Yountville in the Napa Valley? That would be about 1.5 hours drive each way from San Francisco.

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    1. Eating alone at the bar at Michael Mina would be a fairly straightforward, pleasant, but rather expensive example of high-end solo dining in a hotel restaurant. As for TFL, eating there usually involves 3 hours of travel back and forth from SF plus an additional 3-4 hours of dining. Not something I would want to do by myself.

      1. Having dined at both alone, I would still take TFL if you can get there and back. I've eaten at three different Mina restaurants and have always left disappointed.

          1. TFL and MM/SF are very different experiences. Both take solo reservations, but choosing between them would involve much more complexity than simply whether they take solo diners.

            When someone asks about solo diners, they usually mean "I want to eat at a bar or shared table instead of being stuck at a table". TFL has no bar or bar area, so you'll simply be eating at a table. The restaurant is very intimate.

            MM/SF doesn't have the greatest of reputations in this category of dining, so one wonders why you would single out this restaurant out of all the comparable choices in SF.