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Mar 2, 2010 10:10 PM

Help with party favor for 50th anniversary

In May my parents will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. Mom's picked a venue, and everything will be catered. We can bring a cake in, as long as it is from a bakery and not homemade. OK.

I would like to make some party favors, something in a bag or box, for guests to take with them. I hope to include some homemade caramels, and that's all I've decided on so far. I would like the favors:
To be made ahead of time by several days
Hopefully to travel well. Then I could make them in Oregon and ship/fly with them to Minnesota.
I would like one favor or more to have the number "50" on it.

Can you think of anything that would meet one or all of the parameters? I am just drawing a blank. THank you.

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  1. I used for favors for our last party and they were a hit! A cute idea would be to put a few of your caramels in the Theme Candy jars with your parents photo on it with a nice sentiment like "The Golden Couple" and your parents name below. You can see a photo if you click on personalized favors by Event, then click on Anniversary favors.

    I also did a votive candle and found star glitter stickers (you could also draw initials with glitter paint pens) that were both found at my crafts store. Then glued a few rhinestones on for a tad of sparkle. You could draw a "50" on it, then wrap with tulle as a pretty favor.

    Another idea was I found little jars with a snap lid like a canning jar, very small and filled them with jelly beans. You can make your own sticky label on your computer and place on the front of the jar. Use your caramels instead of jelly beans.

    My Mom used personalized individual coffee packets she found online and you could wrap your caramels in tulle bags (or gold satin bags) with a ribbon and your guests could enjoy a cup of coffee and savory your candy the next day. She also used one that said Tea-rific (and it was a personalized Tea Bag). They were cute! I believe you can get ribbon with 50's on it through your local card store.

    Or how about those disposable cameras that folks can take pics of the day, and everyone share each picture for the memorable party. Who doesn't enjoy seeing themselves? ;)

    My sister used candles she made using little espresso cups she found on clearance. You could fill each with your candy and wrap as mentioned above. You can get a marker for writing on glass at the crafts store and put a 50 on it surrounded with a heart. Or include a tag with "Mugs & Kisses, From the Mr. & Mrs."

    My SIL just did a small box (the size of a ring box) with two pieces of chocolate and wrapped with a ribbon for her wedding favor. Then gave out homemade chocolate wedding lollipops. They didn't survive the car ride home! You could do a Gold foil box (for the Golden Couple) and wrap with a sheer gold ribbon glued with some beads on it, or add gold wedding rings found at your local party store.

    You may also find some ideas at under 50th anniversary?

    One more idea, a votive candle with a monogram sticker and tie each one with a small tassel. Maybe frosted glass votives with gold mono & tassel?

    Maybe you will see something fun here?

    Good Luck!

    1. I forgot to mention for the lollipops you could also used clear monograms or the number "50" and stick it on the cellophane wrapping. These sticker are easy to fink at a Hallmark card store or craft store.

      1. I'm not sure how helpful this is, but I'll share that I took an old photo of my parents around the time they got engaged, scanned it and sent it to an online place called Beaucoup, where they printed the photo on the top of little mint tins (like Altoids). It was a huge hit, you're smart to do favors, my parents are always showing me what they got at various 50th parties they go to.

        Perhaps you could do something similar incorporating the "50" design, and then put your own homemade goodies in the tin.

        Did the venue happen to comment on why they accept outside bakery cakes and not homemade? i would have been hard pressed not to tell them where to go.

        1. What about using a chocolate mold with "50" on it?

          I think truffles would be nice, too, if you could find a mold w/ the number on it. There are quite a few "50" variations here, too for mint or candy:

          There are also fun chocolate transfer sheets you can use, with Happy Anniversary on it.

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            Chowser, THANK YOU! This exactly what I wanted. The transfers are beautiful and the middle link has a double heart mint mold with a personalized name in each heart. PERFECT!! The "50" molds are great. Truffles are the best idea. This site also has little medalion molds with a 50 on them. I can rest this on top of some little cookie-tart looking thing, like a tassie, but not a tassie. I want this to be a box of beautiful and very varied anniersary treats.

            Thanks too, Penny and Danna. I got good ideas for favors, and also favor packaging from these sites. Wow, there's a whole world out there of party favors of which I was unaware. I knew you all would know the answers! Now I don't feel so at sea. Thank you.