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Mar 2, 2010 08:28 PM

Tony Bourdain is coming to Austin: Where should his handlers send him?

He's got Ruby's, a fine choice, under his belt but where do the hounds send him now?

Obviously Tacos el Rico and Galloway spring to mind but where would you love to see Tony go, eat and report back?

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  1. I'd send him to Gourdoughs and Odd Duck to Farm Trailer in the same parking lot.
    Gourdoughs for just about anything on their menu, but probably the pork slider at Odd Duck.
    I think you can get a hot dog at Franks wrapped in bacon and deep fried... so I wouldn't mind seeing his reaction to that.

    1. El Regio for some chicken asado and green sauce!

        1. hes gotta go up north to hit up some places on n lamar like tams

          1. This dude has been all over the world. So you need to send him to what Austin does best. This is Tex-Mex and BBQ.

            He has to hit Snow's. It was top rated, and it would make good TV. Also, they are awesome.

            I'm sure we could argue all day about tex-mex, but my choice would be El Chilitos.

            A couple of the food trailers, since it is such a big trend right now. Odd Duck was a good suggestion. Flip Happy if they are open.

            Also, he loves "meat in tube form", so Frank is also a good suggestion.

            Soup Peddler would make good TV.

            The view out in Lakeway would be good, but i don't know that the food is really worthy at any of the places with the best view.

            Lastly, the farmer's markets, and CSAs are a big trend here. Fresh food, raised beds, etc. This is a really important aspect of the food culture here. *Maybe* Wink could be grouped in with this. Or East Side Cafe.