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Mar 2, 2010 06:54 PM

restaurant suggestions in San Carlos, Los Gatos, Cupertino?

I feel like i've done most of what i want to try in PA, MV and MP and am now looking at things in a 10-15 mile radius from home...specifically have some family in town and wanted to try something new. Looking for some decent suggestions in the $$ and $$$ categories. Not looking for Asian/Indian choices but something more Californian/Fusion/Mediterranean.

Some folks have suggested Nick's (Los Gatos), James Randall (Los Gatos), Rumi (San Carlos), Refuge (San Carlos).

Are those the right places to check out or are there others I should be considering?

Thank you!

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  1. Manresa in Los Gatos is a must!!! Very highly acclaimed and totally worth the hype. Amazing, unique food, without the stuffy, overly fancy feel. Good luck!

    1. What are some of your favorites - or least favorites - in this cuisines in the Palo Alto area? That would help calibrate. It looks from past posts that you like Evvia and Flea Street, as do I, so I'll use that as a starting point.

      As cdowney13 suggested, Manresa is as good as it gets for this type of cuisine in the entire Bay Area, not just Los Gatos. If you can afford it and you haven't tried it yet, you want to. Chez TJ is in Mountain View but you might not have tried it with the new chef yet, and that's another wonderful place in the high end. The Village Pub in Woodside is the other high-end restaurant in these cuisines that I think is worth it in the general area of your request.

      One notch down in price, there's Zitune for Cal-Moroccan in Los Altos. Viva Los Gatos is a nice American place with a family feel.


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        thanks for the suggestions. i've done Zitune and like it a lot. Also have tried Manresa and love it. I'm looking for something a level down (or two) in budget from Manresa. Places to go on a random Friday or Saturday rather than a "special occassion" spot.
        In PA, I like Evvia, St. Mike's, Bistro Elan, Bodeguita del Medio, Calafia Cafe, Sprouts Cafe, Patxi pizza for deep dish, Tamarine
        In MV: Amber, Sakoon, Sushi Tomi, Le Petit Bistro, Xanh, Amarin

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          For the cuisines you're looking at, I think PA/MV/MP are overall better bets. Have you tried the Kitchen Table in downtown Mountain View?

          I've not tried several of the Los Gatos alternatives, though, because there is often a combination of unexciting menus and high prices that do not appeal. If I'm missing out on something in the less expensive price ranges, I'd like to know that as well.

          If you're willing to travel to Santa Clara, Athena Grill is very nice for more inexpensive Greek food.


          1. re: mdg

            haven't done Kitchen's on the list. Have heard good things.

      2. I had a fantastic Reuben at the Refuge over the weekend. Plus their Belgian beer selection is pretty impressive given the non-descript location.

        1. Try Le Petit Bistro in Mountain View for traditional, French old school cuisine, the price is great for what you're getting and the setting is only semi stuffy and most of the clientele is of the early-bird dinner types. It's not exciting but the food tastes great for what it is, grand-mere cuisine....

          I know you said you're not into Asian but also check out Gochi in Cupertino which is a Japanese fusion tapas place, very crowded and semi hard to get a reservation but I really like the BBQ pork "pizza".

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          1. re: KathyM

            I actually do like all sorts of Asian...sorry to mis-state that . I was just looking for new non-ethnic options since my wife and I find ourselves mainly at asian and indian spots lately in the south bay. Gochi is great - thanks for reminding me about that spot!

          2. How about Dio Deka in Los Gatos?