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Mar 2, 2010 06:28 PM

Good Eats in/near Hell's Kitchen

Friend and I will be staying at the Hudson Hotel (58th & 9th) next Wednesday night. Looking for chow-worthy dining options in the area. We're looking for casual, inexpensive-to-moderate "only in New York" kind of place. Or, at least the kind of place we won't find in Central Pennsylvania.

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  1. Churrascaria Plataforma is a Brazilian restaurant that serves loads of meat on skewers. It's definitely an experience but it can be a bit pricey. For a fun, casual time with inexpensive prices, check out Hallo Berlin on 45th and 10th ave. It's a German beer bar that can be a fun drunken place.

    1. You should definitely drop by Casellula (52nd between 9th and 10th). It's a charming little wine bar, with a great small plates menu and cheese selection. It does tend to fill up, though, so I'd recommend going early (right when it opens), or after dinner.

      1. Check out Yakitori Totto, a Japanese izakaya on 55th street between Broadway and 8th Ave. The cost can add up if you eat a lot, but it's a very cool spot (the type of which I don't think you find in Central PA) and the food is great.

        Here is some additional info:

        1. Uncle Nick's or next door at Nick's Ouzaria (Greek tapas).

          1. Check out menus/addresses on:

            Xie Xie
            Gazala Place
            Empanada Mama
            Poseidon Greek Bakery
            Tulcingo del Valle