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Mar 2, 2010 06:22 PM

Zweigle's - where to find in Buffalo (restaurant)

Any restaurant in Buffalo I can find Zweigle's?

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  1. Heresy! We have a heretic among us!

    Ok, you rabble-rouser, I'll clue you in to Buffalo.
    We all love and eat Sahlen's Hot Dogs around here.
    Sahlen's, Sahlen's, Sahlen's.
    The best hot dog in the world.
    Got it?
    Premium ingredients, and smoked extra long for smoky flavor.
    We go to Ted's and order them charcoal-grilled "with the works," with onion rings and a Loganberry drink.
    At home we grill them, boil them, or pan-fry them in a little butter and onions.

    That OTHER hot dog you mention is from ROCHESTER NY and we don't mention that brand around here.

    Seriously, if you want a Zweigle's, you can go to Bill Gray's on Main St near Transit. They are a Rochester chain and have one location in Buffalo.
    Just don't tell anyone you ordered a Zweigle's.

    Ted's Jumbo Red Hots
    3193 Orchard Park Rd, Orchard Park, NY 14127

    Ted's Jumbo Red Hots
    6230 Shimer Dr, Lockport, NY 14094

    Ted's Jumbo Red Hots
    7018 Transit Rd, Buffalo, NY 14221

    Bill Gray's Restaurant
    8214 Main St, Williamsville, NY 14221

    Ted's Jumbo Red Hots
    2312 Sheridan Dr, Tonawanda, NY 14150

    Ted's Jumbo Red Hots
    333 Meadow Dr, North Tonawanda, NY 14120

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    1. re: jerryc123

      Thanks for the info, will also go to Ted's. Only getting the Z-word to make my transplated Rochester friends jealous.

    2. I can tell you that you can get Zweigle's in the supermarkets. And, also being a bit of a heretic, I think they make a good tube steak. If you really want to try a variety - say a taste test, add Wardynski to the mix as well as Spar's.

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      1. re: houdini

        I live in N.J. I have access to Sahlen's (Buffalo), Zweigle's (Rochester), Hofmann's (Syracuse), and Hartmann's (Canandaigua, formerly Rochester) at Wegmans supermarket. Wegmans is Rochester based, but expanded to New Jersey in the last couple of years. Don't know if they are in Buffalo or not.

        I love hot dogs and have sampled over a hundred different brands. All of the above mentioned are quality hot dogs made from good cuts of beef and pork. It's hard to say which is best; it depends on your tastes and what kind of spicing you like. This part of New York makes great hot dogs that are German style beef/pork or beef/pork/veal . A different style of dog compared to the spicy all beef dogs such as Sabrett and Nathan's that are common in NYC. Hofmann's are very good but on the mild side. Zweigle's have a unique spicing and more spice than is common in this type of dog. Sahlen's have a great taste and an underlying peppery flavor. Hartmann's makes a very porky, smokey frank.

        In terms of personal preference, I would rate them: 1) Hartmann's 2) Sahlen's 3) Zweigle's 4) Hofmann's.

        There is one that I would rate above these. That would be Thumann's from New Jersey. Simply the best German style beef and pork dog I have ever sampled. I've picked it in every blind tasting. Just a rich tasting frank that is tender, juicy, and delicious. The pork comes right off of their hams. They use premium cuts of beef and pork. No trimmings. Try their griller in the blue and white package. natural casing; 6 to a lb. They also make a beef dog and a special frank for deep frying.

        Their coldcuts are also top of the line and better than Boars Head.

      2. University Hots at Main and Winspear. Zweigles, AND College (garbage) Plates!

        University Hots
        3225 Main St, Buffalo, NY 14214