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The Vanderbit ripping off The Wing Bar

Last weeks overly clever Brooklyn Vs. MAnhattan issued highlighted the Vanderbilts deep fried brussels sprout dish which is way to similar to the delicious version served at the Wing Bar. The Wing Bar was serving there dish for months before the Vanderbilt was open. Furthermore the Wing bar is located a short stumble away from the owners of the Vanderbilt's flagship restaurant Saul. I am disturbed and saddened for the lovely family that owns the Wing Bar home of the best bar food in the city.
275 Smith St
(between Degraw St & Sackett St)
Brooklyn, NY 11231
(718) 237-2728

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  1. Sorry but you can't patent a dish thats been an arab food staple for thousands of years.

    Deep fried brussel sprouts? Yummy but how does the Vanderbilt doing the same dish 2 neighborhoods away constitute a rip off? What about the Wing Bar's onion rings, hamburgers and um, wings? Does Wing Bar have a patent on those? I'd say no.

    No diss to Wing Bar; I've never been.

    And Saul is a bit more than a short stumble away.

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    1. re: CGeats

      Gotta agree - I used to eat deep-fried brussels sprouts over 25 years ago in western PA. Plus, it's hard to compare these two dishes - Vanderbilt is a composed dish with different layers of flavor (sriracha, lime, etc.) where the Wing Bar's is just good old junk food. (I've had an even better version at Highland Cafe in Somerville, MA.) I don't think anyone is copying anyone else, it's just a fairly standard "gastropub" menu item these days.

    2. CGeats: Saul is very close to The Wing Bar.

      Lambretta: Have you had the sprouts at TWB? I don't know how you can classify the Vanderbilt's dish as "composed", whereas TWB's is "good old junk food", when they are extremely similar dishes.

      HypeKiller is probably bringing up his point, due to the fact that The Vanderbilt gets credit for something TWB has been doing for a while, yet this esteemed publication only takes notice of the higher end restaurant. Quite similar to the age old debate: High Art vs. Low Art. The Wing Bar has fabulous food, and it should not go unnoticed as mere "good old junk food".

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      1. re: ShanDeez

        "Saul is very close to The Wing Bar. "

        I just looked it up. Saul is 7 blocks away.

        "... the Vanderbilt gets credit for something TWB has been doing for a while, yet this esteemed publication only takes notice of the higher end restaurant. "

        This esteemed publication does in fact have a thread on Wing Bar. It would probably raise their profile if you had posted about it there.

        BTW, Google has 426,000 hits on "deep fried brussels sprouts."

        1. re: Bob Martinez

          Is 7 Smith St. blocks considered far?? Glad I go to the gym..

          I wasn't referencing Chowhound as the publication, I was referencing Time Out New York - the root of this thread - their blurb on The Vanderbilt's sprouts.

        2. re: ShanDeez

          "The Vanderbilt gets credit for something TWB has been doing for a while, "

          And Dumont Burger in Williamsburg ( another " High Art" joint" ) gets credit for something ______________ (fill in the blank with any burger joint) has been doing for s while.

          So what? There is a high art version of -everything-.

          1. re: CGeats

            Dumont Burger gets credit for helping me gain ten highly artful pounds this winter.

        3. The Vanderbilt's sprouts are mixed with lime, honey and siracha, not to mention they aren't battered or floured and fried, but more flash fried. Are The Wing Bar's served with any flavor combination similar to that? I've never been, but in looking at the menu I can guess they are very very different.

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          1. re: ginsbera

            That sounds more similar to the Momofuku fried Brussels, which are actually the best in NYC. :)

            1. re: EJC

              Good point. I do love the Ssam bar sprouts, though sometimes they are too salty for me. The Vanderbilt's actually have a nice acidity and sweetness. Another place to go for sprouts is Motorino for their Brussels sprouts pie.

              Clearly different The Vanderbilt and Ssam Bar's are different than the ones being referenced by the original post.

              1. re: ginsbera

                I've wondered about this for the past six months: How many Brussels Sprouts does it take to cover a Motorino pie? I'm guessing ONE (or two) should do it. They've hit on something.

                Still, Motorino's $10-buck Billyburg lunch is a deal.

          2. "I am disturbed and saddened for the lovely family..."

            No one died, dude. This is Brussels Sprouts.

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            1. re: chow_gal

              Word. I mean unless they had a patent or copyright or something... Can you trademark a brussels sprout?

              1. re: StheJ

                uh, no.
                this has been sort of silly from the get-go but at least it further raises the visiblity of the brussel sprout!
                who would have thought it? that veg was on most-hated list for years.

                1. re: jen kalb

                  My thoughts exactly, Jen. Half way down this thread, I had to remind myself we were actually using such passionate prose in service of Brussels sprouts. When's someone going to deep-fry a kohlrabi?

                  1. re: HankyT

                    Hahaha, this turned into a very funny thread indeed. I hadn't realized Saul's new place was open. Might have to investigate.

                    And I love, love, love brussel sprouts.