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Mar 2, 2010 06:15 PM

Penang - Line Clear Nasi Kandar, Penang Road

"Nasi kandar", a popular rice dish of Indian-Muslim origin, served with a mind-boggling array of curries & side-dishes, is a must-have for any foodie to Penang.

Line Clear Nasi Kandar is incongruously located in a narrow alleyway, near the junction of Penang Road & Chulia Street in downtown Georgetown. It's been serving nasi kandar at the same spot for nearly 70 years now. The place stays open 24 hours.

Standing near the large cauldrons of bubbling curries, one cannot help but be seduced by the delicious aromas of the various curries being cooked: mutton khurma, chicken curry, giant fish-heads curry, etc.

Can read more here:

Line Clear Nasi Kandar
Penang Road, junction with Chulia St

Open: 24 hours

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  1. Thanks for this klyeoh, I'll be in Penang for 3 nights over the next two weeks and I'm having a tough time finding places to eat. I'll make a point of trying this!

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    1. re: lost squirrel

      Penang's street foods are the best in the world! Look out for the other posts I made here (plus those by other CH like Penang_Rojak).

      1. re: klyeoh

        yes I agree that Penang has the best street foods around.

    2. Back to Line Clear again today. My Nasi Kandar plate today consisted of a delicious piece of curried chicken, a large wedge of fried fish-roe, a hard-boiled hen's egg, and a pair of par-boiled okra.

      One wall showed famous customers at Line Clear - hey, even Anthony Bourdain ate here :-D

      I need to come back for one of those curried fish-heads next time.

      Address details
      Line Clear Nasi Kandar
      Next to 117, Penang Road
      10000 Penang
      Tel: +604-261 4440

      1. Line Clear is the best :) but not cheap..

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        1. re: timpani_mimi

          Agreed. But everything seemed to have gotten more expensive in downtown Georgetown these days. But then, there seemed to be a spike of visitors in the past few years, especially young, DSLR-wielding Malaysians from other states. Western visitors nowadays are older and with more money - in the 70s all the way to the 90s, many European/American tourists in Penang are backpackers or budget travellers.

          1. re: klyeoh

            I'm so hungry for some Penang nasi kandar right now after 6 weeks of Japanese food. Haha.