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Mar 2, 2010 05:10 PM

Restaurants Near Montclair State

We are coming from Queens and seeing a show at Montclair State. I would appreciate any nearby recommendations.

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  1. There was a time a would not have recommended this restaurant, but there was a ownership change 1-2 years ago and the quality has improved. The service can be erratic at times, but for a reasonable steak or burger, it's not a terrible place from my last few visits.

    1. the town of montclair, just a few minutes away, has a host of restaurants (just about all of which are more notable than Alexus Steakhouse...sorry fourunder, but the place is dreadful). I would search this board for 'montclair' for some ideas.

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      1. re: tommy

        no worries, but when was the last time you were at the Alexus? I indicated, there are new owners and they have changed the way they serve their menu for the better. I say this with some degree of difficulty, as the previous owner is a good friend of mine.

        1. re: fourunder

          a while ago. i would think the menu is the same, with the same choice grade unexceptional beef. i just wouldn't recommend the place over places like Blu and any number of places just minutes away.

          then again it could be the perfect place under certain circumstances!

          1. re: tommy

            If I can recall, you are not a fan of Arthur's....and the Alexus is in the same type of place and menu. There are obviously better places for steak, but many do not want to pay in excess of $30 for their steak fix. Having been to just about all of the choices in the Prime, and or Dry Aged well as the moderate or inexpensive, the Alexus is better than places like Steve's or Chains like Outback, Longhorn and Charlie Brown's.

            For $22, I'm not expecting a New York Steakhouse experience.

            I can tell you the 24 ounce steak as advertised is not near the claim. At best it's 18 ounces on a good day.

            As for Montclair, there are a number of good restaurants, agreed.

            1. re: fourunder

              Right on Valley Rd in Upper Montclair is the Uptown Bistro. Never been myself but had heard from others it was good.

      2. I agree about the poor choice of Alexus. Especially when you have one of the best restaurant towns in NJ just 10 minutes away!! Montclair is filled with good restaurant choices. Depends on your category, but there's just about several of every category here. Epernay, CulinAriane, Cuban Pete's, Passionne, Blu, Fascino, Market, just to name a few. GO TO MONTCLAIR!

        1. What they're all saying re: Alexus. :-p

          When Menton says "Go to Montclair," he means DOWNTOWN Montclair--which is about 3 miles away from Montclair State.

          I'd also recommend Egan's Pub on Walnut Street if you're looking for a casual vibe, but I'm a huge Blu fan if you want amazing food at ridiculously low cost (and a BYO to boot)! It's just not a place where I'd rush in/out--but his casual spot Next Door (shared kitchen)IS.