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Where's the Duck?

Is it just me and my imagination, but it seems as though very few restaurants serve duck any more. I hate to admit it, but I used to love "Duck a'lorange. (spelling?).

I did enjoy a duck sous vide at Rumor Mill during the summer. But, I am looking for the "old fashioned" way it used to be prepared.

Any comments, suggestions, etc.? FoiGras

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  1. Dino always has duck on the menu; in fact, they're doing a Quack-to-Tail dinner there next Monday.

    1. L'Auberge Chez Francois will probably meet your needs. You'll want to make a phone call to confirm this. The menu on the web site only lists some representative entrees and duck a l'orange isn't one of those mentioned. However, the entrees that are listed are all true classics.

      Incidentally, fine spelling.

      1. Not the "old fashioned way" but I can recommend the Duck Duo at Meli in Fell's Point.

        Duo of Duck
        Braised Confit Leg, Honey Wine Poached Pears, Duck Bread Pudding,
        Orange Segment

        1. I disagree - almost every restaurant has duck in some form on the menu right now. Duck a l'orange is a little rarer, but duck in general is VERY popular.

          1. Cafe De Paris in Columbia has Duck L'Orange on it's menu.
            I see duck everywhere these days on menus.

            1. Willow has duck right now, so does Eventide, I have seen it on those menus in the past week. No Duck a'lorange though.

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                Ok, for the sake of being pilloried here, I would add that Cafe Tati in McLean serves a very good duck a'lorange at an extremely reasonable price. Yes, the place reeks of 1965 DCdom - with prices to match - but the duck remains a constant favorite on lunch and dinner menus for me and a number of other grizzled vets.

                Now, we are not talking Cordon Bleu but we are talking consistently good and proudly presented duck for the Elmer Fudds amongst the Chowhound set.

              2. Why be embarrassed about loving duck l'orange? It's a classic! Here's something weird, though: The last few times I've ordered duck l'orange, it's been at a MEXICAN restaurant. La Lomita on Capitol Hill. Here's something even weirder: They do a good job with it! Personally, when I've got my duck jones on, I like duck confit. And for this, the drumstick at Bistro D'Oc and the cassoulet at Bistrot Lepic are my two favorite ways to inject the duck fat.

                1. Thanks for all of your replies. I guess I don't get out much anymore and am missing the boat. I do, indeed, various preparations of duck, not just the a'lorange.

                  So, Spring is approaching and hopefully I'll endeavor to try each of your suggestions. They are places I've been wanting to try, yet haven't gotten to as yet.

                  Other restaurants, i.e., Woodberry Kitchen, B&O Brasserie, Alizee, Jack's,
                  Blue Hill Tavern--all on my to go to asap list. FoiGras

                  1. wild duck is sort of out of season, does farmed get scarcer during this time of year?

                    clueless and curious (maybe that's a better pseud for me)

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                      Domestic duck is availble year round and the prices don't seem to fluctuate.
                      "Domestic" includes some varieties of wild duck that are commercially raised.
                      Otherwise, you'd never get mallard, etc. unless you hunted. And hunting season is over in most places for this year.

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                        Actually Mallard (or ColVert) ducks are available in late fall/ early winter from both domestic sources, (which are "semi-wild') and imported (which are truly wild), from Scotland. The latter usually have buck shot and the funk to authenticate their degree of "wildness".

                        1. re: browncow

                          Where have you found Scottish wild duck in stores?

                          1. re: MakingSense

                            Available in the fall on the net at D'Artagnan's website. I don't recall if I have seen it in stores, although some may be willing and able to special order.

                    2. Someone just posted a thread called Fabulous French! that has a restaurant in Bethesda that has duck a'lorange called La Vieux Logis. Hope that helps.