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Mar 2, 2010 03:03 PM

Nearby alternative to Perilla?

I'm meeting a friend for a late dinner on Friday night (around 9:30) in Soho or the Village. I'm looking for a quiet place with good food, one where we won't be rushed despite the late start. I was thinking Perilla, but they're pretty much booked until 10:15. American or French would be best, but perhaps considering Italian would open up some additional options. I'm guessing Balthazar and Blue Ribbon are probably too loud.

We're meeting around Prince and Sixth, so I'm focused on that area right now. I don't eat in that neighborhood very often, so I'm interested in your perspective.

Thanks in advance.

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    1. Little Owl might have a table for 2 avaialble by that time..

      1. 10 downing fts the bill. Or Mas, if you want to spend more.

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          Have you been to 10 Downing recently? I have not heard anything about it since the last chef change. If it's as good as it was a year ago I would like to try it again, as I felt it was very similar to Perilla.

        2. How about La Sirene? It's BYOB though so don't make sure you bring a bottle. No corkage.

          1. Le Pescadeux on Thompson btwn Prince and Spring is excellent. Also, Perilla usually has a table or two open for walk-ins and dining at the bar there is also a nice option. We do it very often when we haven't thought far enough ahead to make a reservation.