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Mar 2, 2010 02:21 PM

Elegant Cheesecakes in Half Moon Bay---anyone ever tried a cheesecake?

Its Mom's 81st birthday and we are sending cake. And you'd be amazed at the complications in sending a cake--or finding a local place that delivers---when you are half way across the country. In fact, I tried to do this same thing last year and it was a disaster.

But I digress.

I found Elegant Cheese Cake in Half Moon Bay. In return for the sale of a kidney, they can deliver a cheese cake to my mother for her birthday. The photos looks nice enough and I was all set to do it until I looked on "that other food site" and found some worrisome negative reviews mostly complaining about attitude and service. Then I re-googled them and found some of their cakes on Costco. . . . hmmmm. I confess I'm not sure how I feel about sending Mom a cake that she can call the "cake from Costco" [and if she found out, odds are good that she would].

Then again, if its really really wonderful and looks as cool as the photos, maybe it won't matter.

So fellow 'hounds---anyone tried this place [especially other than weddings because maybe they are just too touchy with weddings]? your thoughts greatly appreciated.

The alternative is a European bakery in her area. Have to say, those cakes look tasty too.

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  1. I have seen - but not tasted - the cakes at Costco (around Xmas). They are MAGNIFICENT to look at :)
    But IMHO you'd get a fresher cake (and you know her taste) from a local bakery (and they deliver too - if she lives in the right area).

    1. I have celiac disease so haven't tried, but a friend of mine used them for her daughters wedding and raved about them. Others there said it was very good too - but all second hand reports.

      1. I asked a friend who lives in Half Moon Bay about Elegant Cheese Cake and he replied "They sell whole cheesecakes to high-end restaurants and caterers and the White House".

        1. We have ordered cheesecakes from the owner of Elegant Cheesecakes over the past 5 years and they have been amazing. We've challanged her with different designs and The decorations she does with the fondant have been great for kids birthday parties as well as that of a 90 year old.

          Not only that but the cheesecake itself and the fillings and toppings are great. It is a drive from the the central bay area to the coast so that is the only issue but it is worth a drive on weekends.

          I did not know about the Costco thing but I don't think you will be disappointed if you get her cakes

          1. I have tasted so many of these cakes and they are to DIE for! She uses imported Belgian Chocolate (never fondant) which tastes yummy and looks so beautiful. I've been to the studio in Half Moon Bay a couple of times and it's well worth the drive from the Peninsula to taste these extraordinary cakes!! It's incredible how lifelike they can make their designs. You name it, they can make it out of cake! Yes, it can be pricey, but you're paying for a true work of art. It's a memory that you'll never forget! Definitely worth it.

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              What is the location and hours? Sounds like something I'd like to try.

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                Don't seem to have hours and a showroom, link.
                Cakes made to order but with fresh fruits that they cannot ship they say: Arrangements must be made to pick up such orders from our kitchen.