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Mar 2, 2010 02:17 PM

True Brat rolls in Milwaukee/Madison WI

Our family of German ancestry is looking for a bakery roll for bratwurst that has a crust with some tooth (bruetchen style) that can be purchased in either Madison or Milwaukee. We already buy our meat from Bavaria Sausage House in Madison (my job to pick it up) but the crusty (not hot dog buns) roll has "rolled" out of the picture. We have tried BSHs frozen rolls and it didn't work out well.

They obviously have to be fresh or fresh packed so any suggestions would be welcome. We come through MKE and MSN to the small town of Montello for the last 44 years so those are the only pracical routes for bakery (One small tribe from Burlington and one from Fon du Lac as well).

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  1. I prefer the sausage rolls made by Paielli's in Kenosha. I believe they're the style you're looking for. They're available in many Milwaukee area food stores, such as Grasch foods. Also, Peter Sciortino's bakery on Brady Street makes a crusty sausage roll. Good Luck!

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      Thanks KW: My cousin in Milwaukee is on the lookout.

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        If I'm driving between Milw and Green Bay or Door County, I always stop at Miesfeld's in Sheboygan for meat and buns. They sell the City Market hard rolls (which oddly are very soft). They also have buns from another local bakery which are equally good. Right off the freeway at Highway 42. Really an amazing place. Awesome meat and sausage selection.