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Mar 2, 2010 01:35 PM

One more dinner slot to be filled.

This will be my second time to NO.
On my first we ate at
Cafe De Monde- beignets of course.
Port O'Call
Mr. B's
Jaques 'Imo
Ralph's on the Park

So, for this trip, we have planned to hit:

Parkway Bakery - po'boy
Central Kitchen - muffaletta
Mr. B's again - it's a friends fav.
Commander's - Brunch
The Joint for BBQ, then Vaughan's Lounge afterwards.

We have one dinner, on a Sunday, with no plans.
My husband and I were thinking of doing something that would be a specific New Orleans experience. I was looking at Luke's/Herbsaint/August etc but I think we're leaning towards a NO vibe more than anything. We figure we can always just go back to Jaques 'Imo, which we liked last time then hit the Maple Leaf afterwards...
Any thoughts?

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    1. We loved Upperline last Sunday. The food was excellent--there is a 7 course tasting menu for $38.50, which is a steal. You get a demitasse cup of turtle soup, another of duck gumbo, duck & andouille etouffe, fried green tomato & shrimp remoulade, roast duckling with choice of roast garlic port or ginger peach sauce,spicy shrimp with jalapeno cornbread and choice of pecan pie or bread pudding, And this was after a large fried oyster po-boy from Parkway at lunch!

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        LOL, that's the only way to eat in NOLA!!!

        1. re: lexpatti

          Yeah, that's kind of how every day went--BBQ shrimp and bread pudding at Mr. B's for lunch (with $1.50 martinis) followed by 4 course dinner at August followed by breakfast of crawfish etoufee omelet...and gotta have a muffaletta for the plane ride back.

          1. re: whs

            OMG, no joke we ALWAYS to a muffaletta for the plane ride. perfect ending to one our fav vacations.

            1. re: whs

              Hilarious! We took 4 on the plane ride back last time for the family!

        2. Atchafalaya Restaurant

          1. Dick & Jenny's, Dante's, Vizzard's, or One

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              +1 for One. Love the place. Sit at the bar and watch the chef's do their magic!

            2. The three you mention are excellent restaurants but not uniquely New Orleans. If you want a New Orleans vibe, try Galatoire's or Clancy's, but I'm not sure if they are open on Sunday nights.

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                Agree completely re Galatoires, althouggh it is a bit higher end than the Jaques 'Imo's vibe the OP proposed. I would suggest avoiding the clubby Garden District types at Clancy's,. however, where the food, although consistent, is not terribly inventive.

                The cool upscale 30 somethings can be found at Herbsaint, where Chef Link's bistro reflects a significant local flare. Vizzard's is also incredibly cool, with food that verges to the edge of the molecular gastronomy trend.

                The blue haired, botoxed doyenes of high society may well be one aspect of New Orleans, but the recent influx of Brangelias ilk are also well represented amongst the younger Teach for America doogoodnik set.

                Dick and Jenny's is where I would go - it is typically frequented by locals of all stripes, and has the greatest combination of local color, local flavor, and great, predominately local, fare.

                1. re: paz5559

                  Thank you everyone! I've made a list and my husband and I will peruse the menus. I can't wait for this trip!

                  1. re: trishaluna

                    If you are looking for a true New Orleans experience in every way, I agree with Galatoire's. You will not be disappointed.

                    Menu and info:

                    The Hermes Bar at Antoine's has a bar menu and items can be ordered off the regualr menu as well.


                    (OOPS I didn't realize the date of the first post, the trip may be over, so to speak


                    Galatoire's Restaurant
                    209 Bourbon St., New Orleans, LA 70130