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Buster Rhinos new Store

No details yet- but Buster Rhinos has opened a new storefront location in north Oshawa.
I drove by it today (north Side of Taunton Road east of Simcoe Street (beside McD's).

Cant wait to try it, especially now I can get their stuff on weekends!

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  1. We got takeout ribs, pulled pork and brisket there last Friday night. Everything was in vacuum packed bags for reheating.

    We have had Buster's ribs fresh out of the smoker on Friday afternoons about five times in the past year, and they were beginning to taste too salty and a bit too dry. Suprisingly, these vacuum-packed ribs actually tasted better than the fresh ones, and were much less salty than previously.

    1. Very exciting! I love his ribs and Hubby can't get enough of the pulled pork. We've always had to get it on the way back from trips so this is perfect.

      1. Hit up this location a few weekends ago (original not open on weekends). They are really a take out spot, but we ate there at the one table. Shared a rack of ribs and pulled pork sandwhich... was impressed with both. The sides did not make an impression - i don't even remember what we had.

        Smoked ribs had a good pink smoke ring and i believe were dry rubbed. Sauce on the side (not even necessary) was also good, especially the Habernero which had a real good kick/flavour.

        1. Finally made it out to this particular store. Had the family pack: 2 full rib racks, 2 sides and 4 pops for $4 and change (incl. tax). Very reasonable pricing.

          For our sides, we had fries (a tad too salty), potato salad (ok) and beans (solid choice). The ribs though were very good. A tad dry, but that's how I like my ribs anyway. Good smoke flavor, with a nice dry rub. We had it with the medium sauce, which I really, really liked. Nice background heat and not too sweet.

          Took a couple of bags of pulled pork home. Will see how that is. But all in all, it was a very good meal. Will definitely be back when we head out that way for some golf.

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            obviously $4 is a typo, was it supposed to be $40 ?

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              I wish it were $4!! I'd drive there everyday! :-) Thanks for the heads up, duckdown! Can't seem to edit it anymore...but it is $40.

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                Hehe no problem, that's what I assumed :)

                Be careful with the pulled pork and brisket packages, when you boil in the bag. I placed a large order for my freezer earlier last year and a bunch of the packages had small punctures in them or were poorly sealed, and flooded with water once submerged in the pot.. Ruined them :( Not all were like this, but more than 1 or 2 were. I found the other ones that were poorly sealed and boiled them inside a heavy duty ziploc with all the air removed and that seemed to work much better... saved them from being ruined and waterlogged at least..

                I should have sent him an e-mail about it but didn't bother, he probably would have made it up to me as he seems to really care about the products which is nice

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                  I am hoping the mods leave this here,

                  Each and every bag that leaves our meat plant is sealed and checked before it leaves the door. There are many potential causes for the seal to break. Please contact me if you want more information.

                  Meat Plant 6201 - Buster Rhino's Inc.

                  Buster Rhino's
                  2001 Thickson Rd S, Whitby, ON L1N, CA

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                    OK just a followup, I sent Buster an e-mail and he assured me that all the packages are inspected before they leave the store. So I guess they somehow got tossed around or something on my way home.. I'm not sure..

                    I just want to add that nobody should be discouraged from trying the food because it's very good, I just happened to run into that one issue on my last purchase.

                    I need to place another large order for my freezer, I miss having that stuff readily available any time I got hungry for it.

                    PS: get some habanero flakes! way better than crushed red pepper on your slices of pizza or pasta

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                      I've had the sturdiest freezer bags (ie, commercial) get wee tears in them in transit and storage. I think the culprit is usually shoving stuff around in the freezer - if there's anything even kind of pointy, it'll be frozen solid and could inflict damage. I've had things that I'd put into the freezer commercially shrinkwrapped (so if there was a tear, it'd be easy to see), and come out unshrunk. It's always a bummer.

                      To get back to the original topic, my husband is looking forward to trying the new store. We've picked stuff up at the original - and holy cow, their brisket is to die for - but depending on where he's working, alternative locations are a great thing.

            2. We were heading home from a Quebec ski trip and stopped in here to pick up some dinner for home in Toronto tonight. I was a bit leery about the frozen stuff but got a pound of pulled pork, a pound of brisket and some travel friendly sides.

              Tonight we had the pulled pork and it was excellent. After heating and opening the bag the smell was fantastic and smokey! The pork was tender and had the perfect balance of meat with a bit of fat in there. (Those Highway 61 people really need to visit this place badly..) We made sandwhiches with a bit of the medium sauce - perfect blend of sweet and spice with a nice edge.

              Beans were excellent with a great savoury flavour, don't like the sweet ones so this was perfect. Potato salad was pretty good and unique, would order it again. Slaw was fresh and crunchy but a bit bland for my tastes. My partner loved it so it really comes down to how you like your cole slaw. Briskit is on standby in the freezer and has been double wrapped to avoid any issues! I had no idea how well this stuff would come off from a frozen bag but it's incredible. Better than anything being offered downtown so we'll be back for more! It was fairly busy when we were there so looks like he's doing well in the new location.

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                Had the brisket tonight and it was awesome. Actually liked it a bit more than the pork. Again, perfect blend of fat and lean. Awesome smokey taste and super tender. I really, really wish there was a place to get this stuff in Toronto. Will stock pile next time we're in the area. Still shocked at how awesome frozen BBQ can be.