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Mar 2, 2010 01:01 PM

Ideas for special places west of Tour Eiffel needed.

After several false starts, our plans for a Paris holiday in mid May are crystallizing. Some family matters and what looks like unusually high demand for apartments in May stuttered our steps. Enough about that and on to the question...

Our apartment is on Boulevard de Grenelle between Metros La Motte & Dupleix in the 15th, an area we have never ventured to in past trips.

Does anyone have suggestions of special places in the immediate area? Lunch, dinner, bakery, a place to pick up supplies for a walk about and picnic?

Background: We know little of the area. Closest we stayed was six years ago on rue de la Comete in the 7e, north and west of Les Invalides. There we tried four of the restaurants nearby...le Chamarre (which was good, but I drank too much), Le Bistrot du 7e (where we were just happy to be out of the rain...very dark), Bistrol de Breteuil (which we go back to for the fun of being with a crowd of very diverse and happy people...we always meet a couple of interesting people there), and Chez Ami Jean (which we liked, but this board is lukewarm about). Rue Cler for market things, a neat bakery and that's all we know in that end of town. And, our apartment this time is on the west side of the Tour Eiffel.

On this trip we have reservations at Guy Savoy and Hidden Kitchen and will probably stand in line again for a lunch at Le Comptoire du Relais as well as eat in two fine dinner meals. I want to try this Le Point Bar place people talk about in the 18e for lunch after a hike up and down the big hill. We'll be in Paris for 8 nights.

I look forward to your ideas.

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  1. Yesterday I had lunch at a superb place nearby you (Rue de Nelaton) where the Japanese chef cooks French/Japanese food in front of the bar. It's called the Le Concert de Cuisine, 14, rue Nelaton in the 15th,, closed Sundays and Saturday and Monday lunch and photos can be seen at

    John Talbott

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    1. re: John Talbott

      Still trying to make lemonade out of our apartment's location. Since posting my question I've found good references from one source and another made to the following spots in the 15e:

      La Gauloise Avenue Lamotte Picquet (old war horse on an interesting intersection);
      *Au Bon Gout Dujour (good food, reasonably priced);
      *La Veraison (good food, reasonably priced);
      **Au Dernier Metro (very good and inexpensive);
      Chez Gustave (great pizza, service not so much);
      Restaurant La Giberne (duck specials worth your while);
      Chen (excellent Chinese, once argued to be the best Chinese in Paris);
      Restaurant Erawan (excellent Thai);
      Cafe Brasserie le Suffren (oysters and sancerre and seafood worth living in the neighborhood for);
      **Poilane (bakery); and,
      John Talbott (above) mentioned le Concert d' Cuisine.

      Any comments on these?
      Have I missed something great?

      * Found reviews by John Talbott
      **Found Chowhound comments by souphie

      1. re: hychka

        My 15th list also includes ( but Concert is very very good and nearer and Marcab is Colette's all time fave):
        Beurre Noisette
        68 rue Vasco de Gama, 15th (Metro: Lourmel)
        Closed Sunday and Monday.
        Menus: 15 & 20 € lunch, 29 € dinner.

        Le Troquet
        21 Rue Francois Bonvin, 15th (Metro: Volontaires)
        Closed Sunday and Monday
        Menus: 23 € lunch, 30 € dinner, 37 €. A la carte 45-55 €.

        L’Os a Moelle
        3, rue Vasca de Gama, 15th (Metro: Lourmel)
        Closed Sundays and Mondays.
        Menus 32 € (lunch), 38 € (dinner) and 16 €. (children’s).

        Au Gout Dujour
        12, rue Beaugrenelle, 15th (Metro: Charles Michels
        Closed Sundays
        Lunch menu 20 and menu-carte 25 €.

        208, rue de la Croix-Nivert, 15th, (Metro: Felix Faure)
        Closed Saturday lunch and Sundays
        Menu-carte 32 €

        Le Marcab
        225, rue de Vaugirard, 15th, (Metro: Volontaires)
        Open 7/7
        Menus for 16, 25 and 35 €

        34, rue Letellier in the 15th, (La Motte Piquet Grenelle or Emile Zola)
        Closed Sundays and Mondays
        Menus: 2 courses = 25 E, 3 courses = 30E

        Aux Provinces
        37, rue Cambronne in the 15th
        Closed Saturday lunch and Sundays

        99 Rue Blomet in the 15th
        Closed Saturday lunch and Sundays

        Le Grand Pan
        20, rue Rosenwald in the 15th
        Closed Saturday lunch and Sundays

        Les Comperes (de Dantzig)
        32, rue de Dantzig in the 15th
        Closed Sunday and Monday nights

        John Talbott's Paris

        1. re: John Talbott

          Wow! What a great list! I'll need to add nights to the lease. Thank you so much!

          1. re: hychka

            Cross ref it against others' opinions - esp Souphie & Pierre45, who lives nearby.

        2. re: hychka

          I have spent some time near metro Dupleix and can vouch for the very reasonable spot , Au Gout Dujour, recommended by Pierre45 sometime back, as well as La Veraison by Dr. Talbott. Erewan is certainly acceptable, probably the best Thai in the 15th; Dernier Metro is sort of rough and tumble, usually busy and good; better than it looks from a casual walkby. A very pleasant and proper restaurant close by with "cuisine traditionelle" is Le Court Bouillon on Rue du Theatre. Stephane Martin and Crystal du Sel are good and an easy walk . Much further, but our fav. in the 15th was Le Grand Pan followed closely by Afaria and Jadis. I think you can do better than La Gauloise...Pere Claude perhaps.

          As you have discovered, you can hardly go amiss following Dr. T.'s crumb trail; I've been doing it for years.

      2. Since we are expanding the geographic area, I'll add that for a number of years we enjoyed Le Clos des Gourmets on Avenue Rapp.

        1. My wife and I have drafted a plan for our stay in 15e and have a few questions still.

          Background: We get an apartment with a view so as to eat in breakfast, enjoy a good bottle of wine and some Paris snacks on the balcony, and prepare at least two great dinners at home with what can be gathered fresh from the markets. We also enjoy walking five to fifteen miles per day to see beautiful things and either picnicking or having a famous lunch along the way. While we always want to try new places, mostly close to the apartment, there is a need to return to at least some of our growing list of this point, too many "favorites" for the time available, waistline, and pocketbook.


          Our eating out plan (not including picnics) is shaping up as follows:
          (Friday May 14th) lunch at *Au Gout Dujour;
          (Saturday May 15th) dinner at **Hidden Kitchen;
          (Sunday) May 16th) lunch at le *Point Bar and dinner at *le Macab;
          (Monday) May 17th) dinner at *Au Dernier Metro;
          (Tuesday May 18th) lunch at *Guy Savoy and evening snack at *Erewan;
          (Wednesday May 19th) lunch at **le Comptoire du Relais and Musee d'Orsay **dining room for an afternoon wine;
          (Thursday May 20th) dinner at **Avant Gout;
          (Friday May 21st) dinner at **Bistrol de Breteuil; and
          (Saturday May 22nd) clean out the apartment's kitchen and meet the car for the airport, sad to leave.
          * Places we want to try.
          **Having fond memories, these are places we'd like to return to.

          We would rather eat at le Macab for lunch, maybe the first Friday, but only see le Macab and Au Dernier open on Sunday and Monday. Are there other good places in 15e open on Sundays and Mondays?
          Does anyone know if le Point Bar 18e is open on Sundays at lunch time?
          We'd like to jockey Avant Gout into a lunch spot instead of dinner, but that's a location and timing thing I haven't solved yet.
          Does anyone see a major problem or missed opportunity?

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            1. re: John Talbott

              I know and plan to go to Macab then. I was hoping to go there Friday night, but don't have a ready GOOD alternative for Sunday and Monday. Maybe I should start a thread asking for great places open on Sundays and Mondays.