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Mar 2, 2010 12:54 PM

Restauraunts serving Balut (Hot vit lon or Hot Ga lon)

Looking for restauraunts in DFW that serve Balut. I have found markets that carry Balut eggs but would ike to locate good restauraunts that provide on menu.


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  1. With the regulations of the FDA/USDA and the various municipalities I am almost positive that no restaurant will serve balut in fear of being closed down.

    Be it Chicken or Duck Eggs.

    I am sure PETA would throw their towel in on this isssue also.

    1. I call up Josie's Market in Lewisville to get mine, so I'm curious, what's your source?

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        Josie's Market is no more unless they have moved locations off of Main Street.

        I am sure this is not your place either but worth a try!

        1. re: air

          As OP indicated, it can be bought at virtually any VN grocer in the metroplex.