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Mar 2, 2010 12:32 PM

Rome - March 2010 need just a little help in choices

Going in one week will be in Rome for a few days.

Do you like

Da I Due Ciccioni or Il Drappo - night one

Antico Arco or Felice A Testaccio - night two

Ditirambo or Da Danilo or Spirit Divino - night three

I know they are all different so I will have to make some choices.

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  1. Your pairings are strange. You pair a traditional with a creative in each case, so only you can answer which of each pair you will want. If you ask which of the whole group to bother with, I would answer Il Drappo, Antico Arco, and Felice. It is very subjective, however. You'll get conflicting opinions on all of them.