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Mar 2, 2010 12:16 PM

Group of girls looking for great atmosphere, brunch/lunch/dinner establishments and yummy drinks in the Garden District later this month!

A group of about 10 or so girls are spending 2 days/evenings in the Garden District then one afternoon/evening in the Quarter later this month celebrating my sister's upcoming wedding. We are looking for fun atmosphere and great food and drink, not too awfully $$$ if we can help it. I've visited NO Town lots, but like many, have spent more time dining and drinking in the Quarter so the more suggestions for the Garden District the better.

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  1. Brunch at Commander's Palace
    Drinks at the Columns Hotel
    Brunch or dinner at Atchafalaya Restaurant (coupons on
    Dinner at Jacques-Imo (a lot of fun and food is good)

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    1. re: nikinik

      Thank you niknik!
      Clarify, not on a budget, would be willing to pay the right price for good food. No entree's over $25'ish. Anyone else?

      1. re: UMMYADRIANE

        Boucherie, no doubt about it. It's not that expensive either. Nice place with excellent service and excellent food.

        Pascal's Manale is good too, old world NO. Good bbq shrimp.

        Be sure to make reservations with that many people eating.

        1. re: texasredtop

          Forgot about Boucherie. It's a must and very reasonable!

          Gotta disagree about Pascal's Manale. I've heard too many reports of mediocre food and inconsistencies to recommend it.

    2. Coquette--dinner is worth the price (not outlandish); lunch is a bargain.
      Boucherie is great, but they balked at a reservation for 8 recently (not because they're not nice, just because the place is really tiny)
      Patois--lunch or dinner.
      Agree that Jacques-Imo would be a fun place for a big group.

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        Coquette too is a great recommendation and they also have coupons on

      2. Make sure to go to Sucre on Magazine for some sweets!

        1. FYI, neither Jacques-Imo's, Boucherie, or Patois are in the Garden District. Patois is a great choice though . Boucherie is an excellent value for dinner. You could get a drink and a bite at Delachaise which is more bar than restaurant, which is in teh Garden District or nearly. The Mayfair is a fun late night spot for a drink, close to the Columns. There is also Jackson on Magazine, in the Garden District, very reasonable sit down restaurant. There are a number of low key pizza/ethnic type spots on Magazine street, and Casamentos, on Magazine, for expertly fried seafood and raw oysters. If you aren't concerned about getting over to the Carrollton area (where Jacque-Imos and Boucherie are) you might as well head to the Warehouse District which opens up a whole nother set of options, like Cochon, which was recently singled out on a national level by the New York Times and also A Mano, recently nominated for several James Beard awards, or Rio Mare, neither are too pricey. Just let us know what you are up too, and we can hep. In the Garden District itself there is also Lillette, another James Beard award nominee, a little pricey though, they are in the $25-30 entree range. Coquette is a nice option as others have mentioned. Great atmosphere, food is good, a bit less expensive. Cure is another good spot for great drinks Uptown. ch

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          1. re: CharlieH

            Coquette' and Patois, while a wonderful choice, have entrée's that range from $21 - $31 (,, and are thus in exactly the same price range as Lllette (


            Folks not from here have no clue where the Garden District ends, and Uptown, the Riverbend, or Carrollton start.

            Dick and Jenny's is another place I would suggest you consider.

            +1 re Atchafalaya and Jacques-Imo's

            Neither the pizza nor the ethnic spots on Magazine are anything you can't get better versions of at home.

            Coulis and Blue Plate would be my top breakfast/Brunch choices in your area, but Fuel and Refuel are worth heading just a little further uptown to try.

            Give us the type of bars you guys like to hang out at - Columns, Delachaisse, Cure, are all really good choices, but Cooter Browns has a better beer selection, and Tipitinas, Rock 'n Bowl, and Dos Jefes have better music, and F&M Patio Bar is open later.

            1. re: paz5559

              I'm gonna throw the midcity bulldog in there if you don't mind driving. I like it better than the uptown one, but its the type of bar with a whole bunch of different beers on tap. The Bridge Lounge in warehouse is also a good place. If you want a good night out go to Frenchmens st in the marigny, tons of bars and live music.

              1. re: kukubura

                esp if you wanna get your lunch drink on. 25 cent martinis. I know they do this at Cafe Adelaide too... maybe all the Brennans' restaurants do this?

                1. re: Slimpyslim

                  The Brennan's joints aren't all run by the same branches of the family. The Commander's Brennans only run CP, Cafe Adelaide and Swizzle Stick bar, so I wouldn't expect to find their specials at other Brennan's restaurants by default.