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Mar 2, 2010 11:02 AM

Creme de Violette source in Wisconsin?

I am in search of a local supplier that stocks Creme de Violette. I live in Madison but I take regular trips to Milwaukee.

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  1. Ray's on 89th and North in Wauwatosa. Pages parfait amour (creme de violette) $32.99. I think they also had a few others, mostly in that price range. Making an Aviation?

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    1. re: KoolWhip

      Good to know!

      I'm also in Madison and an Aviation fan. I was only able to find it in Chicago at (then) Sam's Wine and Spirits.

      I check with Madison's best (my opinion) liquor store and was left with the impression that Wisconsin distributors did not offer the product. Things might have changed or I might have been mistaken.

      But then, I was specific in asking for the Rothman & Winter product...Damn, that reminds me...My supply is running low!