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Mar 2, 2010 10:56 AM

fresh duck breast

Any ideas where to buy fresh duck breasts in Austin?

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    1. Depends on the day, but Sebastian at Countryside Farm often has duck breast. You can find him at the downtown farmer's market on Saturday and at the Triangle Farmer's market on Wed afternoons.

      1. I usually get it at Central Market where you can also buy an entire duck makes many meals.

        1. thanks folks! I found a package of 4 duck breast halves at Central Market for about $24. Might have been previously frozen though. Cooked up nicely though. I will definitely check out the farmers market too. Good call!

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            I actually got a nice duck breast this morning from Countryside at the downtown market. So, there are some available now (though I think Sebastain said he only had 3 on hand). Get there early if you want some next week!