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Mar 2, 2010 10:39 AM

Lodge cast iron dutch oven question...

Hey to the boards, and I had a quick question. I recently got a Lodge cast iron dutch oven that came pre-seasoned, and I used it once, following the directions, and the food came out fine. However, I was wiping it out the other night (and even though it was dry, and I had cleaned it according to the directins it came with), and I noticed a brown residue on the paper towel I was using. Is this normal? Is it starting to rust? I have no idea what to make of this, so if any anyone has any input on this, it would be greatly appreciated...I already tried to email Lodge about it, have not yet received a response. I'm admittedly new to the realm of cast iron, so if this is normal, that would be great, but I just wanted to be sure. Thanks!

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  1. I have a newish Lodge DO and the same thing happens. I've never considered that it was anything other than normal. Figured the metal surface isn't "sealed" or whatever the correct term is so some stain/residue occurs. I've used mine ten or so times and we're all still alive )

    1. Nothing to worry about, but I wouldn't count on the "pre-season" as your protective layer... you should definitely go through the easy seasoning process.

      They key after cooking is this: 1) clean withOUT soap (just water, and if you need, rub some salt on with a sponge or let it soak a little)! 2) dry it on the stove top by leaving it on low heat for 10-15 minutes. That will take care of any rust worries. (this assumes you have the plain cast-iron, not the enameled version)

      Congrats on your dutch oven!

      1. Well, it depends how brown it is. If it is dark brown to the point of always black, then it is just burned foods. It is part of your seasoning. If it is reddish-brown, then it is rust.