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Mar 2, 2010 10:35 AM

Longhorn Food Court?

We're visiting Austin for the first time this month and staying at the Mansion at Judge's Hill this month - I just realized that there will be a food trailer venue basically right on top of us (Longhorn Food Court). Has anyone checked this one out yet? I saw on that Lucky J's Chicken and Waffles is there - anything else?

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  1. It's brand new, so I think they are still adding vendors. I don't know of any besides Lucky J's yet.

    1. Brand new. The only announced other tenant is Sugarstar bakery that is putting up a location there. Timing is still TBD.

      1. Went by there last night. The Lucky J's trailer was the only thing in the lot, and it was closed (~7:30pm). But Chi'lantro was only 8 blocks away and had a huge line, so that may bode well for the future of the location.

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          Thanks so much for checking it out, willtry! Looks like I'm going to have to broaden my area a little bit to hit the food trucks - so far my plans include Hey Cupcake!, the new Frietkot (after a night out on 6th St.), Flip Happy Crepes, and possibly Torchy's Tacos depending on how our schedule goes. :)

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            Torchy's is old news by now and Hey Cupcake is awful. Try Gourdough's and Sushi-a-go-go instead!

            1. re: bookgrrl72

              Trailer suggestions anyone! Gordough's is super as is Sushi-a-go-go. other favorites are Chi'Lantro, TaKorea, odd duck (next to Gordough's) G'Raj Mahal and Eastside Kings. All are much better than cupcakes.

        2. There's finally a second vendor there to join Lucky J's (which never seems to be open anyway). I saw the Takorea trailer there today.

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          1. re: brentwood

            Anyone know what the story is with this place? There was a cupcake trailer for a while (could never read the sign) and a Dog Almighty cart, but both are gone. Lucky J's is still never open.

            Dog Almighty
            3005 S Lamar Blvd Ste 114A, Austin, TX 78704

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              I had lunch there yesterday, actually. There are only three businesses there - Lucky J's, a snow cone stand, and Takorea.

              I had two of the "tacos" at Lucky J's, which are made using waffles in the place of a shell or tortilla. The first one featured a fried chicken strip, some cheddar cheese, and a strip of bacon. It was not haute cuisine, but it was delicious, hot, and greasy. I would note that the best thing about Lucky J's is the fried chicken, which is well seasoned and tender, so in my opinion, you're better off skipping the "tacos" and just getting chicken n' waffles.

              I also had a "taco" that consisted of a bacon waffle (ie, a waffle with bacon thrown into the batter), cheese, and hot sauce. Not a very good deal; there was no "there" there.

              I don't know if they're just finally opening up or what, but my friend and I were there at noon and perhaps two other customers approached in the hour we were there. Also, the "trailer park" sits on a large concrete slab on MLK, so it's a pretty hot and barren environment to eat.

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                Thanks for the update. I guess I've just been missing Lucky J's. I did stop at TaKorea once (thought it was OK) and you're right about the atmosphere.

                1. re: heyzeus212

                  Major problem with that place. Salt Lick was supposed to drop about a 20' trailer on two of the spots and they have delayed and delayed. Other folks took the slots on the basis of them drawing traffic which has never materialized. I also thinks it's a better location when school is in rather than school out. If Salt Lick drops in it may have a resurgence, if not, you can see what has happened.

            2. The Salt Lick has opened their food trailer at Mlk & Rio Grand. (The Longhorn food court)
              They have been open for just over two weeks and so far the reports are all good.
              They serve their smoked meats in many forms ( sandwich, taco, nacho, salad, quesadilla and Louisana sliders of which is a crispy fried roll filled with your choice of protein) They also take credit cards(no Amex)