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Mar 2, 2010 09:48 AM

Portland Maine Lunch Resto

Any recommendation for a v. good lunch restaurant in Portland Maine on a Friday afternoon?

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  1. This may be moved to the Northern New England boards, but I'd go to Duckfat and get some great fries and a panini.

    1. You should probably check or post to the Northern New England Board board, but I go fairly frequently to Portland, and try to get to Duck Fat when I can. Their frites are the best, and their sandwiches are amazing. They also have homemade sodas, and I remember getting a ginger ale (I think) that was quite good, and unusual. They tend to get very crowded at lunch, and seating is limited, so you'll probably have better luck on the early or late side. Walter's is also good, and there was an Italian place I went to that was opened by a couple from Italy, and their pasta bolognese was amazingly good - can't remember the name, though. It was a big open room, with large tables shared with other diners.

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        Found the Italian place:
        Will probably go back there next time I'm in Portland.

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          The italian place mentioned is Paciarino, on Fore Street.

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            Just read their menu and started drooling - it looks like they've added some items since I was there about a year ago. That pasta with Taleggio and olives looks so good.

        2. I have to dissent. I wasnt too impressed with DuckFat when I went-I was hoping to LOVE it- but I have had several great meals at Brian Boru in Portland. Good comfort food....

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