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Mar 2, 2010 08:33 AM

Where to have dessert in the North End???

We are headed to Prezza for a birthday dinner this weekend and I thought it might be fun after dinner to stop in and have a pastry somewhere for dessert? Any suggestions on pastry shops in walking distance from Prezza? Nothing super fancy just a place to get a coffee and a fabulous canoli or gelato?


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  1. I like Cafe Vittoria for the ambiance.

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      I also like Vittoria...its also one of the easier places to sit and really enjoy the pastry :-)

    2. I have to third Cafe Vittoria. Great ambience and FANTASTIC cappucinos!

      1. I also cannot think of a better place to have dessert/after dinner beverages in the N.E. Vittoria's has the balance of adequate seating and good selection of pastries and liqueurs.

        The only negative I've ever experienced there is that sometimes on a busy night the espresso has arrived a bit cold.

        Anybody know if that guy who looks like Mr. Clean still owns the place? He's quite a character.

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        1. re: Ralphie_in_Boston

          I don't think he owned the place - 2 brothers (one of whom took all of the photographs that are on th ealls) own it. I think the guy you are remembering was a manager/bouncer but I heard a Northendish rumor that he left town to marry a woman in Brazil - probably an apocryphal story but certainly a tale of the North End

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            Yes, the bouncer guy. He seemed to ALWAYS be there whenever I walked by so I assumed he owned it. He sure acted like he owned the place, which is not a bad thing.

            I also saw him a few times in the Florentine so I thought he owned both places....I know, naive of me.

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              Gerry Riccio owns Vittoria as well as Florentine and Stanza di Sigari.

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                and I think his brother, the photographer, may be David Riccio, thanks for the reminder.

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            Oh yeah, that guy. I remember him entertaining his buddies with some high comedy on the sidewalk by trying to break a variety of different farting records. The prim old ladies of the North End didn't seem too amused.

            Caffe graffiti has the best gelato (love the pistachio) but Vittoria has a great atmosphere (just not on the sidewalk, about 6 years ago).

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              Sorry - I meant Paradiso, not Graffiti

          3. I used to hit cafe grafiti. Sort of grungy/gritty, but very good selection and it seemed they had good turnover so no problems with stale or waning desserts.

            I heard they re-opened finally - can anyone confirm?

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            1. re: lisa13

              Yes, out on Cross street where Martignetti's used to be. (How that for a true Bostonian description- always give directions by means of places that are not there anymore. )


              I'm putting Cafe Vittoria on my list. I haven't been there in years.


              1. re: BostonZest

                have you tried?

                I'm skeptical...the fact that they offer a full menu now is offputting =(

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                  Graffiti? It didn't look like a place we would enjoy and I've never heard anyone rave about it. No, we usually visit Maria's or Modern.


            2. I favor Marias for the ricotta pie with the chocolate layer, but there is really no place to sit. So, I guess I would suggest Paradiso, while I don't feel the pastries are at the same level they are decent. They also make a good latte or Expresso Martini. Haven't tried to the new Cafe Grafitti location so maybe someone else willl chime in. I liked the old location.

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                Just a few tables at Maria's but we usually manage to snag one. Soon we'll be able to get our goodies to go and enjoy them al fresco out on the Greenway.


                1. re: BostonZest

                  Thanks for the suggestions.. Caffe Vittoria it is... I will let you know how we make out..