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Mar 2, 2010 08:29 AM

Visiting sick relative and extended family in Dublin/Columbus

My husband and I are originally from the Mid West, and have lived in Los Angeles for the last 10 years. We will be in the Columbus area for a long weekend in two weeks, visiting a sick relative and various extended family members. We'll be staying in Dublin (I'm not sure about renting a car yet.)

My question pertains to the extended family--the oldest is 40, the youngest is 22. I'd love a couple of recommendations of bars, or bar/restaurants, or restaurants where we could go and catch up. (I'm picturing doing this at night, if said sick relative poops out relatively early.)

I'd like a comfortable atmosphere, someplace convivial, but not too loud that we can't hear one another, and would be able to tolerate some lingering over conversation. If there's a good bar/food menu, all the better!

Locations, items to order, any general words of advice are greatly appreciated!

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    Get a Burger, A beer and go home happier than when you came.

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      I agree with you on the food, but it's so small and has such a long wait I'm thinking they'd be getting the stink eye if they lingered for even a short period of time.

    2. Starliner Diner is pretty close to Dublin. If you go on a weeknight you could linger.

      Blue Ginger is another option. It is in Dublin.

      Thurman's is as crowded a place as you will find in Columbus and being on Man v Food has probably made it worse. Plus it is in German Village.

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        I guess it has changed since it was my local corner bar years back. Bummer.

      2. Thanks for the pointers! I'll definitely report back irregardless of where we end up.

        We're coming to the area next weekend, so you have any other ideas, I'm all ears!

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          Brazenhead in Old Dublin is an Irish pub (they have a couple locations) and it is definitely not gourmet, but it's a nice place to sit and have a beer and hang out and chat. They have pretty good burgers and bar food. It is pretty easy to get a table, even on a weekend.

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            Good call on Brazenhead. Definitely a place where you can catch up with decent food and drink. It'll be pretty loud, though, if you go on a Friday or Saturday (maybe not as much in Dublin).

            I don't know how much of the bar element you're looking for, but Northstar Cafe serves alcohol (I think) and has awesome food, I just don't know how late they're open.


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              Brazenhead is a pretty good recommendation. It is a typical Irish pub; dark, with standard pub food, if you're into that.

              The Lost Shepherd, in nearby Powell, has several excellent microbrews on tap. If they have it, try Bell's Two-Hearted Ale from Michigan. The atmosphere is not too loud, not too dark. I've never been disappointed with their food, a nice blend of junk food like nachos with healthy stuff like artichoke salad. The red white and blue hash is yummy!

              There is a newish restaurant in Dublin, fairly close to downtown, on Riverside Dr. that is right on the river. It is called Cabo Cantina. It is very good fresh mex restaurant for Columbus, though not nearly as good as what you will find in CA. The bar has a good atmosphere. The downside is that it gets quiet pretty early. They close at 11:00, I think.

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                I forgot to mention the Dublin Village Tavern, which is also in downtown Dublin. It is an unpretentious bar with good food. If you're going to drink downtown, you can hop between Brazenhead and Dublin Village Tavern, stopping at Jeni's to get some unique ice cream along the way.

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                  Finally, lest I ignore the wine drinkers in your group, there is a French cafe in Dublin and an Italian restaurant in Powell that I recommend.

                  Luce has a great wine list, and excellent appetizers, dinners, and desserts.

                  Le Chatelaine is in downtown Dublin. I find it to be a very nice place to relax, eat, and drink. They have a fireplace near the bar, which you might enjoy, depending on the weather. They are only open until 9:00, though.

            2. We're back! And we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves in your gorgeous area! I was right about some aspects of my request--the younger set did end up at a bar after our relative turned in for the evening. However, it seems people who live there had their own ideas about where to go--I report!

              Night One--Food was brought in. There was a bunch of different kinds of ravioli and sauces. I don't know if it was procured from a grocery store or a gourmet shop.

              Day two--
              Lunch was at Northstar Cafe, in Short North. This worked out very well for our large group. Some of the relatives work in the area, and were able to meet us for lunch. The organic food was tasty, the service friendly, and the house made mint ginger ale delicious. It was a lovely day out, so we ate outdoors and enjoyed the spring sunshine. I had the veggie burger, tasty but a little dry. My husband had the pork burrito (one of the daily specials IIRC) which I liked, but didn't love. Well, let's call it for what it is--I like my burritos and tacos to have that orange grease dripping out. Northstar's burrito is tasty--but not dangerous. Again, really liked the ginger ale, and the cookies were good, too. After lunch some of us went for a stroll around Short North and peaked into various places--it's a nice area.
              Dinner was at Hyde Park (sorry, I know there are multiple locations, they referred to this one as the original one). I enjoyed a lovely pomegranate sparkling cocktail (didn't get the name, the cocktail menu isn't online). I ordered the half wedge iceberg lettuce with candied pecans and bacon, and one of the daily specials, the Atlantic salmon. The salad was excellent and I got to sample a bit of ribeye, cooked medium rare--very good. I was less impressed with my fish, which I just found alright. The table shared some sides: asparagus, whipped garlic potatoes, creamed spinach, and potatoes gratin. The asparagus was the weakest, with my favorites being the whipped potatoes and the creamed spinach. The table went crazy for the potatoes gratin, which I felt was too rich.
              Dessert--Oh, when I said the potatoes gratin was too rich, I didn't want to imply that I using some restraint. Nope. After dinner, we piled into our cars and drove to Graeters. Again, I'm not sure which location we went to, but it was a large facility, and I believe it was attached to one of their plants. I got a scoop of mint chocolate chip--great--and sampled some toffee chip--also great. I wish we had made time when we were in Short North to get to Jeni's. Maybe next time?
              Drinks--This is where the group split up a little, with two of our party retiring, and the rest going out for a night cap. Yes, after the steak dinner and the ice cream. I'm working on my Henry VIII diet, thankyouverymuch. We found ourselves in German Village, and stopped in at G.Michael's Bar & Bistro. It looks like a nice place, we stopped at the first room, with the bar. We got bar seating just fine, and had a nice chance to catch up with one another. I enjoyed a glass of wine, while my husband had a couple of beers, including one that was probably a local microbrew. (He didn't catch the name.) Our bartender was very pleasant, kept up with our orders, and allowed us to linger, without giving us the stink eye.

              Day three--
              Lunch was from PotBelly. I lived in Chicago, and remember when there was only one location. I think the sandwiches are alright. My husband is much more nostalgic, and that's why we wrapped up our tour here.

              Thanks to all for your advice, I'm sorry I couldn't follow more of it directly.

              Northstar Cafe
              951 N High St, Columbus, OH 43201

              Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse
              6360 Frantz Rd, Dublin, OH 43017

              Potbelly Sandwich #166
              4697 Morse Rd, Columbus, OH 43230

              G. Michael's Bistro
              595 S 3rd St, Columbus, OH 43215

              1. I studied this thread in prep for an overnight in Dublin. While I really, really wanted to go to the La Chatelaine, with a 15 year old son as dinner companion we opted for the Dublin Village Tavern. I liked the location and the interior was nice and inviting. Turned out to be a good pick.

                If I can squeeze it in I definitely would like to try the Starliner Diner as the menu looks very interesting.

                Starliner Diner
                5240 Cemetery Rd, Hilliard, OH 43026

                Dublin Village Tavern
                27 S High St, Dublin, OH 43017

                La Chatelaine
                627 High St, Worthington, OH 43085

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                  Since the Starliner was only 2.8 miles from my final destination, wound up squeezing it in and I must say, well worth the effort. Nice Latin flavored menu items. My son had the Cuban and it was very tasty (though he hated the plantains as they were not fries). I had mixed grilled veggies and chicken over greens atop pizza bread. Probably my favorite salad of the past year. Too bad I had a 2 hour drive ahead and it was only lunchtime as the bar had some really good selections of beer to try. Next time I won't complain about Columbus soccer tourneys. I'll just head to the Starliner.