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Mar 2, 2010 08:23 AM

Ocean Prime

Has anyone been to this place. We got a gift card for Christmas so we're going this week-end. Just wondering if anyone has been and has a recommendation on the menu.

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  1. Check out the review today at D's Side Dish restaurant blog. They, didn't like it!


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      ouch. Well at least we're going on someone's Nickle and not ours.

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        Exactly! Maybe if you go on a weeknight when it's not so busy, you will have a better experience. be sure to report back and let us know what your experience was.

    2. The best I can say is that it's not bad for what is: a see and be seen spot. It’s just not a foodie’s destination, so no point in getting mad about it (I tell myself).

      Their famous drinks are served on what I’d call “Sonic ice”, like the fast food joint, which means they get watered down immediately. Then there's the wine list which starts off with Chateau Ste. Michele. I’m no wine snob, but that usually indicates a corporate wine list to me, with nothing of value or real interest that I could find.

      We started with a dozen oysters, which were very fresh and good overall. The server was unsure of their provenance, but “pretty sure east coast”. Point: Oceanaire.

      We also had the calamari which I would avoid. It’s not breaded but still fried and tossed in a sauce reminiscent of that stuff that comes on sesame chicken from bad Chinese take out. Point: 560.

      My dining companion had the seared tuna which was of good quality, but so large she was kinda grossed out by the time she got to the center. The sauce and sides were unremarkable. Although a Saturday, there was nothing on special the night I was there. And since there was nothing of interest to me on the house specialties menu, I had the snapper with Oscar sauce (you can build your own entre). It was really good I have to admit, very fresh and cooked perfectly (also an obscenely large portion, I’d probably split an entre if I ever went back). Seemed expensive at $35. We split the jalapeno potatoes which did play right into my gluttonous side, a block of cheese, starch and jalapeno. Here too, good enough, but just not interesting.

      To me if you’re a seafood restaurant you should have a fish selection I can’t get at a steakhouse. I guess a lot people just want predictable, it’s often packed. Food-wise though, this place is the anti-Fearing’s. The service was fine, just not well informed.

      They do have a lively bar with a piano player which is fun.

      At least you’re not paying, more than I can say.

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        Yikes and we're both such picky foodies.

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            I'll write a full report after our dinner.