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Mar 2, 2010 08:00 AM

Great desserts/puddings for two people?

My husband and I love to have dessert on a friday or saturday night, but it's rarely anything very interesting because I usually run out of energy or he gets something I don't like etc. What is quick and delicious and indulgent and won't make too much leftovers? If there are desserts hanging around I tend to finish them....

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  1. What are some exmples of desserts you already like? Do you like creamy? What kinds of fruits, chocolates and other flavor and texture profiles do you enjoy?

    1. Without a lot of fuss, berry shortcake using store-bought pound cake is good. Plain pound cake, which can be frozen, is versatile. You can make it into petit-fours, bread pudding, ice cream cake....

      Though it's not economical, since you don't want a lot of leftovers, it makes sense to get a couple of slices of storebought cake or pie.

      1. These Baked Lemon Custards are beautiful. It makes enough for 6 small ramekins, I can never eat only one :P Super easy to put together as well.

        Margaret Atwood's Baked Lemon Custard

        As the batter bakes, it separates into two distinctive layers — cake on top and custard on the bottom.

        1. I keep a batch of crisp topping (as in apple crisp or fruit crumble) in the freezer so whenever we want a fruit crisp or crumble I just have to cut up whatever type and quantity of fruit I need, toss with a little sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg or whatever seems right, then spoon some of the crisp mixture over and bake. It's very flexible and easy.

          1. see if anything in these previous threads works for you:

            don't discount larger-batch desserts that can be frozen in individual servings and thawed or heated when you *really* don't want to make something from scratch. cheesecake is great for are brownies, which can be warmed slightly and served a la mode. you can also keep really good homemade cookies in the freezer and thaw for last-minute ice cream sandwiches (just remember to buy the ice cream!)

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              aaaah if I only had the willpower to avoid the cookies in the freezer lol!