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Mar 2, 2010 07:59 AM

Tetsuyas Booked - So where else?

I was amazed to find Tetsuyas already booked out for Saturday nights in August, thankfully I wanted a lunchtime booking. Anyway, in addition to this I am hoping to hit some other good eating, so any suggestions would be much appreciated. Fancy Rockpool, probably just burger and glass of shiraz, but thoughts on that would be appreciated. plus any other must eats/tries. Would prefer pretty central, will be staying North Shore, Neutral Bay area mostly. I guess with the way the dollar is against the pound Tets will be the only 'big' spend, so more affordable would be good, pizza, sushi etc.

Thanks in advance

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  1. The burger is only served in the bar at Rockpool Bar & Grill, which is a separate restaurant to the old Rockpool fine diner. RB&G is a spectacular restaurant in a wonderful old space (think Mad Men) so it is worth upping the spend and trying the restaurant (mainly steak) if you can as the bar is a touch spartan.

    Eating in Sydney is petty good and the secret is to get out and about to try lots of variety. Do you have an iPhone? If so buy and download the Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide (about $12) for good value aim for places that are 14 or 15 out of 20, ideally with a chefs hat. It is interactive so good for searching out places if you find yourself in a new area.

    For Thai Longrain and Spice I am are two great contrasting experiences, Longrain is slick and buzzy, Spice I am is simply and basic. But both deliver great Thai food that suit their styles.

    The Chinatown area is obviously great for a variety of Asian foods, cheap noodle bars through to vast yum cha palaces. Here you can find decent food without travelling out to the suburbs. Good Vietnamese, good ramen, some good regional Chinese, and best IMO a Malaysian curry place called Mamak. Helen at the blog is especially good with recommendations.

    A good tactic is to saunter around some of the good eating streets in the inner suburbs, I am sorry to say the North Shore isn't one of these areas, although around Crows Nest and St Leonards there are a few places esp for Indian with Nilgiris and Bay Leaf Brasserie. Good streets to wander along are:

    Crown Street in Surrey Hills, with Bird.Cow.Fish, Billy Kwong, Bentleys Bar & Grill, and close by Bodega, and Bistrode.

    Victoria Street in Darlinghurst, has "a tavola", and Fish Face around the corner plus a few others like Bill's (breakfast) Bar Coluzzi (and the one next door) for coffee.

    Mackclay Street Potts Point, has Lotus, Cafe Sopra, Macley Street Bistro, Fratelli
    Paradison and Cafe Sopra.

    Over towards Bondi there are some great places, Seans Panorama is a classic, but worth checking out both Icebergs (expensive) and North Bondi Italian Restaurant, at both these places the food is OK but the view/vibe is better.

    In Woolloomooloo on the wharf there are some good choices, Otto is great, and Aki's is a superb Indian. The other choices are buzzy with waterside dining and ma appeal.

    For Sushi there is lots of choice but the quality varies, Yoshi in the rocks is the best, but there are quite a few other great options like "Sushi e" and Makoto

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      Many thanks Phil, I knew I could rely on you!

      Interesting what you say about RB&G, I was mainly interested to see the interior so if need to upgrade to full blown meal may have to see.

      Asian recommendations sound great, any good Vietnamese centrally? I did venture out to Cabramatta when was over before but a bit far if i remember rightly? Just can't wait to east some fresh rolls again.

      1. re: stanleyk

        I don't think you will have a problem if you want to look around RB&G, just go to the main entrance and walk through to the bar (which has a separate side entrance).

        For a Vietnamese nearer the centre: in the near future I plan to try "Red Lantern" in Surry Hills. It is owned and run by Luke Nguyen who wrote the book "Secrets of the Red Lantern". It is a good book and he has recently had a good TV series with him touring Vietnam and cooking local dishes.

        I am always wary of celeb chefs restaurants, but the Sydney scene is so competitive with lots of Vietnamese I would expect his reputation would be shot if his restaurant didn't deliver. I will report back when we get there.

        1. re: PhilD

          "Secrets of the Red lantern" was writtn by Pauline Nguyen, Luke's sister.

          1. re: cap

            My error: the book includes recipes by restaurants chefs, Luke and Pauline's partner Mark Jensen.

      2. re: PhilD

        Superb recs - I'm printing this out for my next trip to Sydney!

        1. re: PhilD

          My 10 picks for the City:
          - Chinese: Red Chilli 2
          - Degustation: Tetsuya's (or Rockpool, or Quay)
          - Korean: Madang
          - Laksa: Malay Chinese Takeaway (or Happy Chef in Sussex Centre)
          - Seafood: Golden Century
          - Sushi: Kabuki Shoroku
          - Tapas: Ash St Cellar
          - Thai: Saap
          - Wine: Fix St James
          - Yum Cha: East Ocean (or Zilver)
          * Not a fan of Mamak -- Kopitiam and even the Malaya are better, imo.

          My 10 picks for Surry Hills area:
          - Bar: Sticky
          - Cafe: Cafe Ish
          - Degustation: Marque (or Foveaux, or Bentley)
          - French: Tabou
          - Italian: Beresford
          - Japanese: Toko (or Uchi Lounge)
          - Pizza: Mario
          - Seafood: Smokehouse
          - Tapas: Cru54
          - Thai: Spice I Am (or Longrain, or Sugarcane)
          * Not a fan of Bodega -- even El Bulli is better, imo.

          My 10 picks for Darlinghurst area:
          - Bar: Goldfish
          - Degustation: Universal
          - Gelato: Messina
          - Japanese: Busshari (or Juju)
          - Pasta: A Tavola
          - Pizza: Lucio
          - Seafood: Fish Face
          - Sushi: Yachiyo
          - Tapas: Velero
          - Wine: Aperitif (or Gazebo)

        2. In Neutral Bay, try Neutral Bay Bar & Dining, as well as Enopizzeria. Both are welcome additions to the neighbourhood. Things have changed drastically over the last six months.

          In Crows Nest, Jurin is always a great option for sushi.