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Mar 2, 2010 07:53 AM

ISO private room for dinner 10-12 ppl, perhaps North Beach, perhaps prix-fixe

A friend of a friend has had a sudden death in the family and relatives will be coming in from all over. They would like a dinner (probably 10-12 people) that's not terribly expensive and would prefer a private room as it could be a quite emotional evening. They''re probably mostly staying in the Union Square area but she's thinking North Beach might be more affordable plus comforting Italian food. No Chinese and no Thai. A prix fixe (not including wine) in the $25-35 range would be good but that's not a deal breaker. I'm not finding anything on a search and have no experience with small, private rooms. Any advice would be so appreciated. Thanks all.

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  1. You might try North Beach Restaurant......they used to have some smaller private rooms. I have not been in years so really cant recommend one way or other.

    1. Hi - c oliver kindly posted this for me. Just to add - no Asian at all, no Mexican, and American/Italian/simple-ish food, would be best as we have some unadventureous eaters and none of us are feeling so great right now. $40 would be doable, plus wine/drinks.

      Thanks so much.

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        I'm sorry for your loss. I wanted to mention that East Coasters often don't consider the regional italian cooking found in SF to be "Italian", so it might not be all that comforting. Joey & Eddie's in North Beach serves up Italian-American, family style, and Vicoletto is Calabrian from the south, so that might be closer to the red sauce style. I've not been to either restaurant, so can't offer a personal rec.

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          My condolences, MMRuth.
          You might want to consider Ideale Restaurant in North Beach. The food is Roman and quite good. No private room but they should be able to accommodate your group in the smaller of their two public dining areas. Hitting your price point off the regular menu should not be a problem. It's on Grant. I like this place a lot.
          Here's a link:

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            I like it a lot also but that smaller dining area, IMO, offers nothing in the way of privacy. We had a party of seven once and were celebrating, not mourning, and were aware of everyone around us and they of us, I'm sure. But it is good food and a fun place for another dinner.

        2. Here's what Opentable shows for Italian, San Francisco, up to 20 people.

          Thought that might jog some specific recs from folks. I'd steer you away from Fior d'italia based on the cooking. I suspect that North Beach Restaurant will be out of price range. Panta Rei might be affordable.

          1. For others' reference, Kuleto's has private rooms which I never knew.

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              yes Kuletos has a nce room upstairs , even has a small bar.I went to a dinner meeting there whichwas very good.

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                It's funny. I used to work at Union Square and have eaten breakfasts, lunches and dinners there and it never occurred to me. It makes sense being adjacent to Villa Florence Hotel though.

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                  As I recall it held maybe max 20 an is upstairs on left, not above open dining room.
                  Food was very good and service perfect.

            2. You might try Walzwerk.
              German food. Not Union Square but also not terribly far. Could be considered comfort food depending on where your family's from.

              They have a room in the back with two large tables, and a set price for large groups.
              If you call ahead you may be able to get the whole room.

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                That family style menu sounds really good. They'd need to cab it though.