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Mar 2, 2010 06:58 AM

Quick! Need good restaurant for Saturday night--Westchester

We were thinking of the Batali place, but didn't get a reservation in time.

What else in the Port Chester/Rye area for dinner for 4 (two couples). We also were considering Azuma Sushi in Hartsdale, but it's a little fast.

So, what's good that I could get a reservation now?



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  1. If you like seafood try F.I.S.H. It's an out of the way place, but I''ve never had a meal that wasn't above average. They have specials before 6pm and the vibe is very comfortable. It's a much better summer place with outdoor seating, but the level of food never falters in the colder months. Not sure if you're looking for upscale, a fun hangout, etc. A fun cajun place in Rye is the Rye Roadhouse. Good eats, but does get very loud and sometimes has live music.

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    1. re: jhopp217

      The old Rye Roadhouse or the new Rye Roadhouse? The new ain't what it used to be.

      I just checked Opentable and Nessa has a table, as does Sonora. Lots of other availability, surprisingly, but not in the area you requested.

    2. try the roadhouse in rye it is cajun, food is great and it is off the beaten path

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      1. re: sandralee

        Sandralee, I agree it's a great place. Just a word to the wise about careful posting praise of the same restaurant in different threads...because they'll assume you have an affiliation.

        1. re: jhopp217

          jhopp? Have you been there recently?

          The High Street Roadhouse was excellent, the new Rye Roadhouse is awful.

          1. re: anonymouse1935

            I will be completely honest. I have only been there once since it reopened and only had two appetizers. The popcorn shrimp and the deep fried mac and cheese. The shrimp was good, not great. The mac and cheese was awesome. The menu looks almost identical to the old Roadhouse and their food was always good, although I do think they are one of those places where the specials always outshined the regular menu (by a lot). I'll have to try it again and see, I'd be upset to hear it's fallen off that much.

      2. I'm a fan of Morgan's in Rye for excellent seafood in a lovely setting

        1. My geography may be off, but Plates in Larchmont is excellent.

          1. We're going to try f.i.s.h. Will report back! Thanks! Have to keep the others in mind next time.

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