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Mar 2, 2010 06:40 AM

Your best banana recipes

I'm looking for great recipes for using up leftover bananas - sweet/savoury anything really. There must be more than banana bread!

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      1. This banana ice cream is really very easy and very good. I fold in coarsely chopped nuts and then drizzle fudge syrup and caramel syrup on layers as I transfer the churned ice cream to a freezer storage container. Very decadent.

        1. Ok, I have 2.
          First, take two Vanilla wafers and spread peanut butter on one. Add a slice of banana and top with the other Vanilla wafer. When my sister and I were little, my mother would make a plate of about 10 of them and we would pretend they were hamburgers like Jughead used to eat on The Archies.
          Second, just peel a banana and take a knife and slather Nutella on each bite.
          Oh! And a peanut butter and banana sandwich just can't be beat either!

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            I like to keep them in the peel and slice in half lengthwise. Then open it up a little and sprinkle some brown sugar in there...wrap loosely in tinfoil and bake at 350 for about 30 minutes.

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              At camp we had a variation on this -- called banana boats: Keep the bananas peeled. slice open lengthwise, big enough to stuff with chocolate chips, and marshmellows. Close / seal the bananas up with tin foil, put in fire for a while, until cooked and gooey. Open and eat the banana right out of the tin foil and peel! Oh such memories. Probably can be done in regular oven ..... I may try this soon, as bananas have been cheap at BJ's lately!

          2. Here are a few links on the savory end, Curried Shrimp and Bananas, the first being a Carribbean-style recipe and the other, a rather involved Thai recipe. I also included a link for a simpler dish:
   ) You could certainly make this simpler by using a Thai curry paste, green or red would be great with the shrimp
            This link is for a Southern-style Curried Shrimp dish with bananas, very simple, but you could dress it up with vegetables, garlic and ginger, red or green peppers, tomatoes,green beans, whatever:

            Then there's the classic grilled peanut butter-banana sandwich. Good with bacon, too.