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Mar 2, 2010 06:30 AM

St. Louis Hotel vs. Maison Dupuy for wedding reception?

Hello -
I am living in Boston and I am considering having my wedding reception in NOLA in the courtyard at either Maison Dupuy or the St. Louis Hotel.

Since I might have to book sight unseen I am hoping to get as much info as possible beforehand.

Which one has better food? Has anyone been to a reception at either place? Would you say one is nicer that the other? I am really looking forward to doing something with traditional NOLA food and drinks!

Any info would be much appreciated.

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    1. I got married in the St. Louis hotel courtyard. We looked at Maison Dupuy, also. I definitely liked the St. Louis courtyard better. This was few years ago, but they had good menu choices and set up a bar for us. We actually had the ceremony and the reception there. We had a dixieland band, "The Storyville Stompers" that played for the wedding. We got our wedding cakes from Gambino's bakery. The grooms cake was a "doberge" cake, which is a layered cake that is popular in NO and popular for grooms cakes. We looked at every courtyard in the quarter and the St. Louis was our favorite. It can be covered in case of rain, also.

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        Hi, I was also thinking between the two venues but am planning the wedding from another state so unfortunately can't go and look at it myself. I was curious how many people you had at your wedding and whether or not you think the saint louis hotel can accommodate 200 plus for a wedding. Thanks so much! Any advice would be great!

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          I checked out the St Louis for my wedding and I have to be honest, they were my backup backup. It was difficult to get the tasting together and it all just seems a little rinky dink (as my husband said over and over). It looks good in photos but not so much in real life. Also, I actually had the majority of my guests stay there because the venue I actually chose was about a block and a half away and everyone hated it. The all said the rooms were at best just ok. The other guest s stayed at Bienville house and loved it! I think it really just depends on your budget and what you really want. I can give you some info if you’d like to know some specifics,

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        1. We had our company holiday party at the St. Louis and put up employees there. The night before there was a wedding in the patio which was then covered as it was "airish".

          Everyone liked the scenic patio location and were amazed at the quality of the food (for a buffet). The general hotel service during our stay was good. And it is a great location for doing other things in and out of the FQ.

          The only rap was that some of the rooms were not good. In December they were in the middle of an upgrade and the second room we got after bailing on the not -so-good first one had been redone and was quite nice.

          1. Just attended a wedding reception at Maison DuPuy, and they did a fine job in all respects. Did not get to dine directly at their restaurant, Le Meritage, but did hang out there for "higher-end" wines (my nieces choices were within her budget), and they looked like a worthwhile restaurant. They said all the right things, to each of my questions.

            Have not done anything at St. Louis Hotel, so cannot comment there, or compare.



            PS - I'd guess that my niece had right at 200 at the Maison DuPuy, and the patio area was lovely.

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              Have you looked into Broussard's? They have a beautiful courtyard and good food and are across the street from The Prince Conti Hotel. Another thought is Cafe Amelie and the Place d'Armes has a lovely courtyard.

              Cafe Amelie
              912 Royal St, New Orleans, LA 70116

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                We had an event (not a wedding) there about 4 years back, for ~ 250 people. That was my first time back at Broussard's in 20 years, and I was impressed. The reception in the courtyard was excellent, and then they handled the dining, all around several speakers and AV presentations, with excellent food, for any event, and never missed a beat. I agree that they would be worth talking to.