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Mar 2, 2010 06:21 AM

Nice cafes in Brighton?

I'm looking for nice little cafes to pop into for a snack/slice of cake/coffee. Does anyone have any recommendations? The quirkier the better!
Thanks in advance

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  1. The Graphic Foodie (lovely Brighton lady & food blogger) has reviewed some cute patisseries and cafes. Cocoa might hit the spot?

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    1. re: DollyDagger

      Excellent little tea shop I visited recently calle dthe Marwood

      Lots of mismatching furniture, art on wall etc. Very good cup of tea and the barista looked like he knew his way around the coffee machine too, although can't vouch for that

    2. I would head to the North Lanes and wander around and explore. There are lots of little places that are interesting.

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      1. re: PhilD

        I second a wander round the Lanes. Yes, it can get touristy but if it's quirky the OP is after, this is almost certainly best bet.

      2. Besides the Lanes, there are some nice bakeries up towards the Hove area. I'm sorry I don't have a name, but we have a violin maker friend who lives there, and I've found some good cakes and things on trips there... along the main street that leads into Brighton itself.

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          IIRC, that street is a damn nuisance. Took me ages to find a restaurant. It has the same name all the way from Brighton to Hove - but restarts its numbering at some point.

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            Thanks everyone, will definitely try Cocoa and the Marwood. Also heard good things about the Mock Turtle, choccywoccydoodah and Bill's.

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              Oh, dear. If you ask me, this country has the worst signage (especially airports) of anyplace I've ever been!