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Mar 2, 2010 06:19 AM

Branching out from New Orleans


Not certain how to frame the question so I'll just dive in.

We've been invited by another couple to participate in their trip to NOLA. It will be our eighth trip and their third.

They had already booked the time (arrive mid-day on Thursday 13 May and depart Monday 17 May). We're in!

They have a rental car into Saturday and are scheming to spend at least the first night and the first whole day (Friday) exploring the area by car. We've all "done" the Quarter to death and want to spread our wings.

We are considering:
- Overnight in Baton Rouge with Friday being a driving tour down towards Larose and Cutoff to see that area
- Perhaps a side trip to Biloxi

We are not afraid of the driving times but want to be back in New Orleans for Saturday/Sunday at the least.

If there are any must-see's, in this parameter, both chowish and otherwise, please provide us with your input.

Thanks in advance,

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  1. Baton Rouge and surrounding area has many excellent restaurants - ranging from Joe's Dreyfus Store in Livonia to Jubans and Galatoires in Baton Rouge. You need to go down river road and see the plantations. The North shore has excellent restaurants also - La Provence, Trey Yuen, Nuvolaris, Sal & Judys. Hymels in Convent (between Baton Rouge and New Orleans) has excellent seafood. Enjoy your stay.

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    1. re: carol land

      Those are all good but I rise to day I'd rather be in teh New Orleans galatoire's..even though teh BR one does have some off-beat things..and I just have not had anything worth raving about at Joe's lately. And the last time I was there we had loud live music..ugh. I beat the drum for Ma Mama's in New Roads...that turtle soup is terrific and there's lots of other good eats there, as well. But don't go to Satterfield' is always a Day Care Center.

      1. re: hazelhurst

        Ma Mama's is great. I couldn't remember the name. Camilles has good seafood. I too loathe Satterfields. Joe's changed ownership again recently.

      1. I'd skip Baton Rouge....St Francisville would be a great day or 2 trip, so much to see...

        Don't forget, there is more to New Orleans than the F.Q.!

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        1. re: Suzy Wong

          You are so right, Suzy.

          The more we branch out, the more we love the city. Last trip we spent hours, in 90+ heat, walking Magazine Street.

          1. re: Suzy Wong

            I have to say that I disagree with Suzy. St Francisville is a great town, but the food is pretty average. Baton Rouge has lots of great places to eat, but it is no New Orleans. However, that is a pretty impossibly high bar. If you are in BR try some of our Vietnamese places or Indian/Nepalese. There is also great soul food type spots. I write for a few local magazines and you can read some of my local restaurant reviews here ( or on my blog (

            1. re: frankiii

              Since you're pretty close to the St. Francisville area, have you had any experience with Eight Sisters? I have that as a destination lunch spot for us on our day trip to St. Francisville in May, and I'm hoping it lives up to our high standard of soul/Southern home cooking. I lived in the South for 20 years but now I'm in California, and I want the best possible taste of "home" for that particular meal.

              1. re: mikeh

                I have not been there but I have heard good things. I also like the Magnolia Cafe and Georges is also solid. But, if you are looking for soul food then I think Eight Sisters is your best option. Let us know what you think.

          2. You did not provide much in the way of what things you and your friends like to do and see. However, I would suggest a trip toward Baton Rouge, stopping at 1-3 plantation homes along the way. There's Nottaway, San Fransisco and a few others nearby. Just one hour past Baton Rouge is Lafayette and the Acadiana area. There are some scenic areas and good restaurants around this area. Possibly a trip to Avery Island, the Tabasco Factory, Konrico Rice Factory in the New Iberia area, which is about 30 minutes south of Lafayette.
            I would not do the Biloxi trip unless you are dying to stop at Casinos or see a very mediocre beach. Although you might be interested in seeing almost total destruction of the beach front between the La. line and Ocean Springs, MS.
            Likewise the drive to Larose and Cutoff is hardly scenic, but I have no clue on what your interests are or what caused you to mention these towns. You might find a general guidebook to narrow your focus a bit.

            1. Baton Rouge is super fun. One of the coolest destinations around is the Rural Life Museum, which is an absolute hidden oasis right in the middle of town. Totally worth the trip. Spend a few hours there and enjoy meals at some Baton Rouge institutions - Louie's for breakfast, The Chimes for lunch, and Juban's for dinner. Or someplace like Sammy's on Highland Road for a more casual dinner of boiled seafood and tasty fried things. And right across the river in Port Allen is Bergeron's for all your meat needs: boudin, meat pies, jerky, tasso, andouille...

              The Chimes:


              Rural Life Museum:

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              1. re: uptownlibrarian

                Great to know, UTL, and thanks for the advice.

                What's the current HNOC exhibit? We've been talking up the Kemper-Williams house for years and these folks will want the tour.

                1. re: Monch

                  Currently we have one on Louisiana's territorial period, but by the time you're here the rotating exhibit will be a five year post-Katrina anniversary exhibit. The Louisiana History Galleries are permanent, as is the house tour.