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Mar 2, 2010 05:53 AM

mutton in the gta?

Does anybody know where I can buy some mutton? I've asked a number of butchers - including at St Lawrence Mkt - and nobody has it. Any suggestions?

Also, if you know of any restaurants serving good mutton dishes, let me know!


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  1. I've seen it in one of the big supermarkets in Chinatown, on the east side of Spadina, just south of Dundas. Sorry, don't know the name. Walking south from Dundas, it's the second one you hit and it's the one that's not in the basement.

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    1. re: tbonetak

      Most Asian and South Asian grocers carry goat meat. South Asians call goat meat mutton. Hope that helps.

      1. re: TOchowgal

        Which South Asians call goat meat mutton? I have never heard of that. In India, mutton is older sheep.

        1. re: foodyDudey

          "In the English-speaking islands of the Caribbean, and in some parts of Asia, particularly Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and India, the word “mutton” is often used colloquially to describe both goat and lamb meat, despite technically only referring to sheep meat."

    2. The Ceili Cottage and Embassy Restaurant serves up mutton, and have heard that Medieval Times serves mutton as well, but have never been there.

      1. if you want mutton and not goat, the Healthy Butcher and some of the greek spots on the Danforth usually carry it. Pdames is also right that the Ceili usually has mutton on the menu.

        Here's a Toronto Star piece on the subject from last fall:

        1. bellywizard,
          I read a past post of yours from 2007 that states honey kills the friendly bacteria in yogurt. I have been questioned on this and am trying to find proof. Can you help me? THANKS!

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            sorry, mk - i don't remember where i found that info. if i come across it again, i'll let you know.

          2. If he doesn't already have it, Vince Gasparros should be able to arrange some for you if you call ahead.


            A co-worker used to get it at a west indian butcher shop in Scarborough. Maybe try a butcher shop that services the communities that eat lots of it? ie. West and East Indian.

            Vince Gasparros
            857 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6G, CA