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Rolls for Sliders in Denver?

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Anyone know who sells these?

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  1. I'm going to guess that most restaurants buy slider buns from Sysco or Shamrock. Maybe you can call one of these distributors and find out who bakes them. A longshot: There's an Entermann's Bakery outlet on E. Evams that also carries other brands and a Woinder Bread outlet north of downtown, just west of I-25. You might phone them too.

    1. Not a true slider bun, but a good substitute we use: the Hawaiian Rolls found in supermarket delis. Like: http://www.kingshawaiian.com/products...

      Obviously NOT a fresh baked bread product but they make pretty good burger buns.

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        Are there any slider restaurants in Denver? Like white castle?

      2. Sara Lee and some other companies have begun making slider rolls that are pre-cut. I've used their dinner rolls before and just cut them, and that worked okay... but yeah, the grocery store slider buns are coming around now that it's been a big trend for about 2 freakin years...

        I also bake my own sometimes, just a buttermilk soft roll recipe... works pretty well.