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Mar 2, 2010 05:38 AM

Ekta Indian now also in Bryn Mawr!

They have taken over a less than successful Greek place across from the Hookah Lounge.

Any reviews?

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  1. Sorry for replying to my own post....BUT

    Tiffin also has a sign up (next door to Puns Toys) in Bryn Mawr...opening soon!

    Ekta also says they deliver....who will give the best "run" for our money????

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    1. re: bmcdeepak

      I had a nice meal there last night. Complimentary chappati (sp?) was good. Shared an order of Onion Bhaji app, which was well made - light and tasty. My lamb vindaloo was excellent - the server made sure that i knew that it would be spicy and it really was (which is saying a lot coming from me, a devoted pepper-head). The sauce was also deep, rich and complex. My partner enjoyed her chicken tika masala very much. Mains were served from a tableside cart in nice copper bowls with a generous serving of well-made basmati rice. Getting apps to the table was a little slow, especially given that there were few customers on a Monday night, but service was otherwise attentive and professional.
      Pre-tip total for app and two mains was about $35 (tax included, not drinks or desert). There was enough rice and tika masala left for another meal.

      On par with Saffron in Wynnewood (?) and better than Khajurajo (if just for the fact that the staff paid attention to us). I'll go back.

    2. Yes, Ekta is excellent! The food is nicely spiced and wait staff are very attentive. They just stratedto offer a buffet lunch that's a terrific value. Its way better than Kajuraho which has gotten lame and microwave quality!
      We've been to Ekta several times now and it has been great each visit. Its definitely worthwhile to try, but we have not seen many other people there even during peak meal times. I hope its successful. Do you think Bryn mawr can support 2 indian restuarants? Have heard great things about TIffen in Philly and was so excited to see their sign up next to the needlepoint store but it has no sign of activity there. Did they bale because of Ekta?