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Mar 2, 2010 05:35 AM

Steakhouse recommendations please!

I will be visiting Ft Lauderdale next week and looking for a really good steakhouse. Any suggestions?

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  1. Jackson's Steakhouse. It's local, has been around for many years and makes a mean NY strip steak. There are a bunch of chains around (Capital Grill, Morton's, Ruth Chris), but Jackson's stomps them in the steak department, in my opinion.

    EDITED: Scratch my previous comment, Jackson's is closed. Damn shame.

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    1. re: madtheswine

      Jackson's has been out of business for several months. If you must stay in Fort Lauderdale, Capital Grill is quite good.

      1. re: gblcsw

        I've heard that the owner of Jackson's is part of BOVA prime. Has anyone been there? Is it any good?

        1. re: madtheswine

          Scott Rothstein (the Ponzi scammer who is now locked up in Federal Prison) ran the Bova Group which had Bova Ristorante, Bova Cucina, Bova Prime and was going to takeover the Versace mansion in Miami Beach.

          He wanted to shutdown Jackson's Steakhouse so he bought it and planned to open up a Bova Smoke in the location -- meanwhile he gave Jack Jackson the role of president of Bova Group. A few months after doing that his scheme collapsed so his plans fell apart. Bova Prime is still open but it will likely close sooner or later (Rothstein was the one who pumped all the money into it to keep it open), and Jackson's old space will probably be auctioned off to repay the people Rothstein scammed.

          I went to the Bova's in Boca a few times and the one here a few but never really thought any of them were outstanding food wise. They were very showy places where the main reason people went was to show off their new cars, watches, jewelry, etc to the people that hung out there.

    2. Steak 954 @ the W followed by Capital Grill.

      1. Steak 954 is definitely the happening place, great atmosphere and more modern... Capital Grill is good as well but it has an older more quiet atmosphere.