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Mar 2, 2010 05:32 AM

need rec's

Hello Montreal: I will have the pleasure of being in your wonderful city tomorrow night, staying at the Hyatt on Jeanne Mance and was looking for recomendations for a moderately priced resto with a nice bar atmosphere and good food within walking distance of the hotel.

Thanks very much! Merci

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    1. re: Foie Gras Lover

      Thanks for the reply FGL and the web link is much appreciated, would it be a long walk into Old MTL? Would Garde Manger be a good alternative?

      1. re: kayia1

        From your hotel you could walk there within 10 or 15 minutes

        1. re: kayia1

          Garde Manger is about the same distance.

          Garde Manger can be "lively" later at night.

          If you want to do old-montreal, you could also try DNA.

          1. re: kayia1

            its approximatively 15-30 minute walk. You could go through the Complexe dejardins and walk all the way from the PDA to pop up out of Chinatown. Which is 2 minutes away from the Old port, plus you stayed inside.