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Mar 2, 2010 04:56 AM

home made mozz and the curd.

so i have made mozz from store bought cheese curd recently- fairly simple, easy to do and worth the effort.

In an effort to eliminate the middle man who looks at me with disdain when he sells me his curds reluctantly-i would like to make some.

am i getting in over my head here? is it fairly simple?

Have any instructions you can recommend?

How many days do they need to form?

Can i freeze my curds afterwards for later mozz use?


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  1. For what its worth, making your own mozzarella (including making the curds) is considered a more difficult cheesemaking task... I've tried three different times, using a variety of recipes including the ubiquitous Ricki Carroll mozzarella making recipe, and have basically produced rubbery polly-o each time -- nothing like the soft luscious fresh mozzarella I'm going for. Not that this has diminished my desire to get it to work, but just to mention that I know its been a frustrating task for me and several other people I've talked about this with online...

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    1. re: fearlessemily

      i saw this- is this similar to what you have used?

      when you made the curds... were they similar to store bought curds?

      if so.. perhaps the rubberyness was due to the cheese not being stretched enough to make it softer?

      1. re: lestblight

        I've never used store bought curds, so I can't tell you whether mine were similar to that... It was a little while ago, so I don't remember their exact consistency... But rubberyness shouldn't be a result of stretching too little -- as far as I know it is the result of the opposite. That said, there is a thread on chow right now about making mozarella with several posts about people's failures, and there is the same type of thread over on egullet... I guess it helps to know I'm not alone...