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Mar 2, 2010 04:50 AM

Bombay Club

I'm going to this restaurant for the first time on Saturday, and I realized that it's really been a *long* time since I've had any Indian food. Does anyone have any particular recommendations off the dinner menu for this restaurant in partciular, or more, generally, any advice as to what the can't-miss menu items tend to be at Indian restaurants?

Thank you in advance for the advice - much appreciated.

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  1. For appetizers, the mango fish tikka was excellent. The crispy arugula/spinach chat, which is revered at sister restaurant Rasika, is very good here too.

    I love hot food, but the green chili chicken was just too much chili and not enough other flavors. Other than that, I can't think of a meal I've had there (even off the brunch buffet) that wasn't good to excellent. If you ask for "spicy," they are NOT afraid to accommodate - so plan accordingly!

    Bombay Club
    815 Connecticut Ave., NW, Washington, DC 20006

    1. Okay, not that there appear to be very many interested parties, but I really enjoyed my dinner here. The crispy spinach-arugula chat was indeed fantastic - my husband who supposedly hates bitter greens raved over it. I ordered the salmon special, which was also very good. But the most memorable part was the speciality coffee - the "cobra" - which started with carmelizing sugar and ended with a orange rind flambe. I wouldn't miss it.

      I should also mention that I really enjoyed the atmosphere here - it would certainly be a good pre-theater choice - you wouldn't feel out of place in an evening gown. The lounge area is also very nice, and the service was impeccable. Perfectly attentive yet wholly unobtrusive.

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        Glad you liked it. We always enjoy an evening or brunch there. Less hectic than Rasika, perhaps slightly less expensive, and just as tasty.

      2. Calamari Balchao - maybe the best fried calamari you'll ever have.
        Potato tikki ragda
        bombay sev puri

        Indian food is glorious, especially when it's hot. If you can take it, just let the waiter know to make it spicy for you.

        1. Anyone know if they serve the full menu at the bar? I've never been, is the bar a comfortable place to sit and eat?

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            I'm not sure if they serve the full menu, but I would guess that they do. Most of the bar is a "lounge" area with less formal tables, which would certainly be comfortable for dinner. From what I saw, the proper was pretty much empty, but we sat there and had drinks before dinner. The whole bar/lounge area is about the size of really small living room - it's pretty cozy, but it's not walled off from the rest of the restaurant (which is on the small side also).