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Mar 1, 2010 09:09 PM

Need Restaurant on Sat night near Groundlings Theater on Melrose

Hubby's birthday is Saturday and I want to take him to see the Groundlings. Any good, around $100 restaurants in the area? We're in the Valley so I'm not familiar with the area on Melrose. Thanks.

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    1. Not clear if you meant $100 for two or per person. The Foundry is close by and generally does an excellent job. The other side of Fairfax, Carlitos Gardel is wonderful Argentinian. Just down La Brea is the new Tar Pit from Mark Peel of Campanile, which has wonderful cocktails, gorgeous decor and really good "supper club" food. The latter two are doable for $100 per couple, depending on your consumption of alcohol, Foundry might push you over more easily. For more casual, Angeli Caffe is good Italian.

        1. Yes, would help to clarify if you want something specifically in walking distance from the Groundlings, or within what driving radius. But the nearest appropriate choice is The Foundry as New Trial suggests. Animal and Tar Pit are also both great recs and within walking shot, depending on your definition. Tar Pit's less than a half-mile, Animal's more like three-quarters.

          There are also lots of options due south on Beverly, including Angelina Osteria and Grace. And just about a half-mile east on Melrose are the new Hatfield's and the two Mozza's, though all of the above can easily exceed the $100/couple mark, if that's your goal, but can be done with careful ordering.

          1. Angeli on Melrose is right across the street. good Italian place. small quarters though.

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              make a reservation for angeli. i totally recommend it; go for the gnocchi of the day :)