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Mar 1, 2010 07:44 PM

5th & Wine, Old Town Scottsdale. Anyone been?

The folks behind Humble Pie took over the space that formerly housed Fine's Cellar and have created an interesting new eatery/wine bar.

I've only been once and it wasn't for a full meal - but a b-day event where I had some apps and drinks. Therefore this isn't a review. Still, the concept is pretty cool - kind of a cross between higher quality comfort food and a wine bar that appeals to all budgets.

I wasn't super hungry but was perfectly happy with bruschetta, of which they have several varieties and you order in sets. Each portion is cut into two big pieces, so an order of two yields 4 sharable big bites. In a way it's almost unfair to call them bruschetta, as that implies some bread topped with chopped tomato, etc. Mine had a thin peppercorn crusted slice of medium rare steak and a dab of horseradish on one. The other was topped with smoked salmon, and what seemed a dill/creme cheese/caper type of mix. 4 mini portions for around $4 total. If you like sampling small bites (a la sushi), this is a nice exploration.

No pizza on the menu, but they had everything from panini's to soups, salads, fancy wings, parmesan fries and rotating specials depending on the night, such as Beef Bourguignon (the Sat. special, which was around $12). I don't recall anything being over $20.

On the drinks front, they seemed to have a variety... nothing like Postino or nearby Kaz bar, but there was a good selection and many at $5 or $6 a glass. Apparently they have great happy hours deals as well.

Don't quote me on the prices or exact offerings... I didn't go intending to review and their website doesn't yet list the menu so I couldn't double-check.

The service was excellent and I'll definitely be heading back... we can use more of these types of places in AZ.

5th & Wine
7051 E. 5th Avenue
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

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  1. I strongly recommend 5th and Wine for drinks, casual dinner or happy hour. It's a cheaper version of Postino's, with a little less "scene" and a shorter wait.

    The drink menu is ample, and very well priced. They sell about 20 wines by the glass, all of whcih are $5 before 6PM. After 6PM, the prices range between $5 and 7$ per glass. I haven't gotten bottle service from there.

    The atmosphere is warm and inviting, with leather sofas and seats along the front window, and tables for diners scattered around the rest of the house. The service has been very friendly both times I've been (though a little slow when it gets busy).

    The menu is limited (sandwiches and sandwiches, mostly). The bruschetta is the clear winner here. While the quality of the ingredients doesn't quite match the bruschetta from Postino, the bargain price more than makes up for the difference (2 for $4, 4 for $7, 6 for $10, 8 for $13).

    How often can you say there's a wine bar that's got good food at good prices? That alone justifies a five stars recommendation.

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      What "scene" are you referring to? If you mean people that love good wine, cheese, food, which include couples, families, singles, etc., than I think you have it right. I thought it was only Scottsdale places that got a bad rap because of the "scene"?