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Mar 1, 2010 07:30 PM

Ploger German Deli

A potentially interesting new deli about to open on 1900 W. 1st called Ploger (with two little dots above the O).
It's diagonally across from The Smoking Dog in what arguably has been the worst produce store in Vancouver for the last few years. They've completely gutted the place and put some bucks into the reno.
The website is kind sketchy for now but they appear to have a long history and will be going heavy on all things German so it might be a neat addition to the area ( Thomas Haas will be one of their suppliers).
They were doing a reception there tonight as I walked by so they must be close.

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  1. They've been going at it Hammer 'n Tongs for months now-if the light fixtures are any indication it'll be a class joint.

    1. Sounds intriguing. I give them bonus points for having an umlaut in their name. Plöger.

      1. Please keep posting updates! I'm planning a visit to Vancouver at the end of the month and am very interested in this place (actually any family-run German places ...) Thanks!

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        1. re: misspastina

          They are now open and I stopped by this afternoon. I think we need to give them a couple of weeks to settle in as the shelves need more stock and the menu, sandwiches etc. will be augmented with soups and daily specials in a bit. Breads are by Artisan and they have produce as well.

          At this stage the nicely understated design and the retro graphics are their strong points.

          1. re: eatrustic

            I was staring in the front window before 09:00 hrs this AM (!)

            Must advise the Europhile @ work about the place he'll certainly be interested.

        2. So ... has no one been here yet? I come to Vancouver on Monday ... you're not really going to let a fellow chowhound venture in without hearing your 2 cents worth first, are you?

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          1. re: misspastina

            Ok, I'll go and see what's evolved inside in the last week or so. I actually walked by late afternoon and the signboard advertised schnitzel and potato salad for a lunch special so you have to be hopeful......

            1. re: eatrustic

              Only second hand but a friend who lives nearby was pretty horrified by the prices...

              1. re: eatrustic

                Thank you! I look forward to your comments! (I wish there were a menu on their website.)

                1. re: misspastina

                  Well, I still think they need more time. I stopped by this afternoon and although the bones are there I can't honestly say it's worth a detour although if you live in the area by all means.
                  The have some nice looking muffins etc to go with their coffee, a selection of fairly generous looking sandwiches along with quiches and cold schnitzel.
                  Hill's Foods is supplying them with organic chickens and Thomas Haas has a selection of chocolates.
                  The deli shelves are still pretty sparse with the usual selection of pastas, oils etc.
                  One bonus was that they have the best buy on Champagne vineger (looked for in another thread) that I have seen. A 500 ml bottle for $7.95.

                  1. re: eatrustic

                    Thanks everybody, for your efforts and comments. Disappointing. I was hoping it was going to be good for lunch, not just a shop.

                    1. re: misspastina

                      There are lunch specials on the board outside and if they're half as good as the dreamy pastry I had for brekkie Sat the place will be a winner.

              2. re: misspastina

                I tried to pop in on Monday but they're closed on Mondays. I peaked in the window but couldn't read any of the prices. Didn't look like a huge selection of merchandise.

                1. re: islandgirl

                  I stopped by yesterday as I needed some minor produce items and why not give them the business. I ended up buying a piece of apple strudel and a piece of linzer torte (both made by Artisan Bakery in N. Van). Both items were fine (although I have never understood the appeal of apple strudel that is anything less than fresh out of the oven).

                  I chatted with the owner and got a bit more of their background, the fact that they had closed the family business in Germany that had existed since1935.
                  What surprised me was they had never been to Vancouver before coming here to scout it out as a place to relocate their business.
                  They also packed up their whole kitchen (or as much of it as could be used here and shipped it over in a container as she said it was still cheaper than buying here).

                  They got a surprise when they tried getting their special roasting oven hooked up. She knew there was a different power hookup but you just can't bring in electrical equipment like that without certification (theoretically) so they have a few items in the kitchen that are on hold.
                  Quite the leap of faith to relocate a business without really knowing your market but I guess the upside for us may be that they have some really authentic food items that can be revived from the old German days here in Vancouver (think Robenstrausse).

                  I'll do my best to give them feedback and encouragement as it must be pretty stressful to not hit the ground running in a new environment.

                  1. re: eatrustic

                    Wow that's brave. I'm officially intrigued. Especially by the special oven which could mean special offerings.

                    1. re: fmed

                      "the upside for us may be that they have some really authentic food items that can be revived from the old German days here in Vancouver (think Robenstrausse)."


                      Them was the days!

                      10 minutes ago they were unloading some large shiny heavy expensive looking piece of kitchen equipment from a truck in the back.

                      1. re: fmed

                        Agree totally, fmed. Have searched for 40 years for a place in California (or OR, or WA), that could come close to matching just a few dishes we were accustomed to during our two years in Germany. I can count on one hand the only ones in the whole state even worth mentioning (LA and SF) and sadly one in San Diego that closed before we could get down there.

                        Sure would love to see your guys make it, at least they will have the support of some of the most dedicated hounds in Chowhound Land.



                        1. re: PolarBear

                          I stopped into this place a few days ago. Was hoping to see a wide selection of sausages but there were only four. Deli shelves were much the same as everybody else's. Big bright seating area though, with what looked to be good pastries. Seems like the kind of place to stop for coffee and cake

                          1. re: repartee

                            Sadly one of the Staff members @ Plogers insist on charging tax on Croissants-even though there is no tax on plain bread.

                            Since this individual will. not. listen. I've chosen to take my business elsewhere.

                2. any body know if they have sulzkottelet or anywhere in van?,im having a hard time findind it in calgary