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Mar 1, 2010 06:51 PM

Kemoll's StL...skip it unless the view is important

I was looking for a place to celebrate a 2-year dating anniv., and Monday was the day we had this week to go, so that limits a lot of places. Kemoll's is not normally open on Monday for dinner but happened to be today. On the 40th floor of the Met Square skyscraper, the view is indeed impressive. We did order off the early bird menu, which may have made a difference; but I was frankly unimpressed with the food. Very middle of the road salad, pasta side, and entree - tiramisu, too. Service attempts to be old-school refined but it borders on annoying. Lots of other choices in St. Louis with better flavors and more inventive cuisine. This is one of those perhaps once venerable places that has its best days behind it and is best left to expense accounts and woozy meals with a lot of wine. If you want the view...ok...but don't get anything other than the early menu. Unless the presentation and quality is much better, the $30+ range for the reg menu is not worth it. I orginally had a res for Triumph Grill in Midtown. Should have kept it.

Kemoll's Italian Restaurant
1 Metropolitan Sq Ste 130, Saint Louis, MO 63102

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  1. Last summer they had an early bird special complete with free parking for the Cardinals game.

    1. I went there on a work function a couple years ago, and I really loved the food. We got steak fillets along with chicken.

      I won't lie. The open bar was nice.